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Banner Request

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i was wonderin if i could get a Toronto/Ottawa banner plz


in the middle: Toronto Maple Leafs Symbol (V.S) Ottawa Senators Symbol

on the right: a pic of Daniel Alfredsson,Patrick Lalime, and Rob Ray

on the left: a pic of Mats Sundin, Ed Belfour, and Tie Domi

Text(cool font/any colour that looks good)

Top: Round 4
Bottom: Battle of Ontario

BG: a pic of the Air Canada Center, and a pic of the Corel Center

thnx in advance
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NDF made a great one for you, keep it

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i didnt say i was gonna take the HBK one out..im gonna use that still too

Kaneanite said in post #2 :
That's quite alot to put into one banner.....what size do you expect this to be? With all of that, it'd probably be good as al 800x600 wallpaper, lol.
lol...i see wut u mean..didnt look as big wen i thought of it lol


how bout no Domi/Ray/ACC/Corel Center pics...and bg just sumthin that goes wit it??

if no one wants to..me understands..peace
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