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Anyone (besides mjamesonh; preferably a pro banner maker) willing to make me a Joe Budden banner?

Heres the details:

Size: 468 x 100

Colours: whatever suits the pics

Background: various pics of Budden faded, like the Mos Def banner in sig.

Text: Bottom Left "Joe Budden". Bottom Right "Five heartbeats left"

Main pic: Could it have a pic of the rapper Joe Budden (face pic) on the left side of the banner

Misc: Please make it similar to the Mos Def banner or the following banners:

The face pic I'd like: http://content.clearchannel.com/Photos/musicians/joe_budden/joe_budden_defjam.jpg

The background pic I'd like:

If the pics don't work, please find new ones. I'm grateful for anything.

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