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Hey guys, I’d like to request a BTB Banner & Logo. Here is what I would like on the Banner:

Text 1: WWE: New Attitude!
Text 2: A BTB Written by F94

Pictures: Maybe the WWE Logo, as well as any of these Wrestlers:

Vince McMahon (Needed)
Eric Bischoff (Needed)
Kurt Angle
Shawn Michaels
Triple H
Chris Benoit

Colours: Probably Black and Red, but if it looks better in another colour, feel free to use that.

Size: 400X200


For the Logo, I’d just like something simple, just maybe like the WWF: Attitude one. The WWE Logo with New Attitude! Written underneath. But make sure the 'New Attitude' is in a font that matches something scratchy to match the WWE logo.

Cred and Rep to whoever does this. Thanks Guys.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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