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Banner & avatar request

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**Banner & avatar request**PLEZ

ok i would love if somebody could make me a banner.
ok i want Ken Kennedy, Christopher Daniels and Austin Aries in it. i would like it too say OrtonsPEEP316 toward the bottem. the colors i want are greenish black,(like the back of the christopher daniels pic) with the green lights sort of.
n here r the pics. i want Kennedy in the Middle and whatever is better, fallen angel or aries on the left or right.

Now for my Avatar, same kind of thing, like those green lights. n this aries pic

ok thanks, rep will be added.
NOTE: If you would liek to change anything that u think might be better please do so. for eaither Banner or Avatar. THANK YOU.
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i cant talk this ever since this site when down n i went from 800+ posts to 200 i have been treated like crap. i say one thing that people dont agree with and they give me crap. callin me a n00b,asshole, ....... i was a main-eventer just like most of u but now im a j00ber. i kinda sucks i get treated like crap now.

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"Respect is for people who don't deserve it."

Who said that? I don't know, read that somewhere.

But ya, stop replying and just someone fill this, or not.
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