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Banner & Avatar Request

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Ahh... I've finnaly made it to 100 Posts

Please could someone make me a banner with Edge & Christian on it not as a tag team as they are now and can it say Frankazoid 94 on it somewhere im not too botherd about the colors just try and make them look good.

And could you also make me an Avatar with Edge on it with the same color scheme and can that say F94 on it somewhere.

P.S. and can you please tell me how to apply them

Will add rep and put you on my buddies list

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my attempt

Sig: [*img]http://wx.clicdev.com/f/uploads/wx/post-1-1114639154.jpg[/img*]

Av: [*img]http://wx.clicdev.com/f/uploads/wx/post-1-1114639011.jpg[/img*]

remove the *'s and put the URL into ur sig and av
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Thanks for all those but i choose Miesters

I can use the Sig but when i try using the avatar it says:

Error - cannot find an image at the specified URL. Please make sure that you have entered a valid URL.

Can someone Help?

Edit: It's okay i've got itr to work and i've now made it to a jobber!
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