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Banner/Avatar Request

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I have a request for a banner and avatar, for whoever wants to make them.
Banner- The first four pics, their probably too big so just parts is good. I'm not gonna be picky with the backround, whatever looks best to you. Text- Still whatever looks best, at the top: Hombre, and at the bottom: THE BICYCLE CUSTOMIZER
Avatar-The fifth pic, matching backround to the banner. Text-matching text reading Hombre

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I'll do this. Although, I don't know how well a "bike banner" will come out...
How many car banners were done before my 2 though?
Sorry about how long this is taking.

Cars are thick objects. Bikes are skinny objects. My usual "tricks" don't really work on them. I'm still working on this, but if anyone else wants to try...
That's fine, I expected extra time on it because of the pictures and how many requests are current.
I had a go,

It was damn hard so I'm not sure how else I could of really done it, if you like it feel free to use it, don't feel you have to.

url is


and the ava..

url is

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Nice work! I think it is good.
i dont know if my opinion matters or should i think its prety good as well
It's great Djibril, thanks. NDF- if you don't want to finish that's fine, but it would be nice to have options.

Edit- Avatar needs work, it's too big bytewise.
o, er sorry about that, did you use it from the url I gave or did you save it and try and upload it?
I might still post mine, but I'm yet again having internet troubles...
I tried the URL and saved/uploaded it, neither worked.
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