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Banner and Avatar Request

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Looking for a new banner and avatar, preferably done by Xain or mickf03 or anyone else that’s good at GFX

Shady already has done most of my banners sooo…

Topic- Carrie Underwood
Size- 400 x 200
BG Color- Blue maybe, your decision though.

Left -> http://carriecountry.com/images/pictures/lg/08.jpg
Middle-> http://img263.echo.cx/img263/4361/middle6ix.jpg
Right -> http://carriecountry.com/images/pictures/lg/35.jpghttp://img263.echo.cx/img263/5950/right0aw.jpg

Text 1- [T-Mac]¹
Text 2- 'Carrie Underwood' and '
American Idol'
Whatever font looks best

Avatar – Play off of the banner
Text – [T-Mac]¹

Thanks in advance

Edit: i changed the two of the pics
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Thanks Phat but is there anyone else who wants to give it a try, im looking for something different.

still deserves some rep
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