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Banner And Avatar Request For Experts Rep Will Be Added

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Hey everybody!In this banner request I am letting you do what you want.I either want, a Kane banner, an Edge banner or a My Chemical Romance banner.You can pick the colours, pictures backgrounds blending and everything else.Which ever banner you decide to make you will get repuatation and a spot on my Respect list.

Kane Text - The Flame Still Burns
Edge Text - Bank On It
My Chemical Romance Text - My Chemical Romance
My name must be on the banner somewhere.

Size - 400*200
Avatar - Just cut a part out of the banner and add my name to it.
I think thats about it.

Just pick one if you decide to do it.Thanks:)
Rep will be added as will a spot on my Respect List.

P.S. Just remember, I can't decide on which one so pick 1.

Thanks for considering making one.:)
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Re: Banner And Avatar Request

hey ill do it, but i think u can only request one sig at a time. but i guess ill do an edge banner.
Re: Banner And Avatar Request For Experts

Ok.Thanks.I am only requesting one but I'm letting you guys pick.Thanks.Rep will be coming your way when it's up.

I don't mean to rush you or anything but do you know when it will be up?
Wow!I love it.Seriously.I will rep you when I can.Thanks so much!

The only thing is is that you forgot my name on the banner.But you can fix that tomorrow if you want.If you want to fix it now that'd be cool to.
Son619 that is a dope banner.
Sharpshooter91 you can try if you want.You can pick one of the three and I'll see which one is better.
Sharpshooter91 said:
Son619 that is a dope banner.
^ Seriously don't spam.

ChokeSlam you got one banner, you should be ahppy.
I am happy.I was just saying, maybe somebody wants to try it.If they do then it's open.
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