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Bankise Presents: WWE 2009: Shuffling The Deck

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Note: Well after lurking in this forum for the past few months, I have decided I am going to start my first Be The Booker. I have written for E-Feds like the one on this forum before. Infact, I have been writing for E-Feds since 2007 on and off. I have just got sick of trying to build something and it having to be re-worked or scrapped, atleast Be The Booker wont do that too me. Also I have gotten sick of having to write a show a week. I am busy, so I want to go at my own pace. I am looking forward to getting this thing started.

Bankise Presents:
WWE 2009: Shuffling The Deck

The WWE has travelled past Wrestlemania 25 and is moving on with its build towards Summerslam. Extreme Rules will be known as the Night where Jeff Hardy won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It will be remember as the night where CM Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank against Jeff to win the World Heavyweight Championship from Hardy. Other notable happens in the WWE are that Batista won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton, but he later comfrimed that he is vacating the title due to an injury he revieced during that match. Tommy Dreamer won the ECW Championship for only the second time in his career. But Vince McMahon appeared and decleared Dreamer's reign over just as it begin. He announced that Extreme Rules was the final hit out for ECW. ECW is over. Vince however did announce that ECW Wrestlers are going to be drafted on the 15th of June Edition of Raw. Chris Jericho defeated Rey Mysterio for good and won back the Intercontenintal Championship from Rey. Kofi Kingston defended his United States Championship in a Fatal Four Way. Raw General Manager, Vickie Guerrero lost to Santina Marella and Santina Marella is known as Miss Wrestlemania. Extreme Rules will be known as the night of short title reigns and the Death of ECW. With Summerslam just two Pay Per Views away, how will the wrestlers of the WWE push their cases over the coming months.

WWE Extreme Rules Results:
Date: June 7th 2009

* Kofi Kingston (C) Defeated MVP, Matt Hardy and William Regal to retain the WWE United States Championship
* Chris Jericho Defeated Rey Mysterio (C) to win the WWE Intercontinenal Championship
* CM Punk Defeated Umaga in a Saoman Strap Match
* Tommy Dreamer Defeated Christian (C) and Jack Swagger to win the WWE ECW Championship
* Vince McMahon announces that ECW is Finished and the ECW Championship is retired
* Santina Marella Defeats Vickie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero in a Handicap Hogpen Man for title of Miss Wrestlemania
* Batista Defeats Randy Orton (C) to win the WWE Championship
* John Cena Defeats The Big Show in a Submission Match
* Batista comfrims that he is injuried and is vacating the WWE Championship
* Jeff Hardy Defeats Edge (C) to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a Ladder Match
* CM Punk Defeats Jeff Hardy (C) to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after cashing in his Money in the Bank

WWE Raw Roster:

WWE Champion: Vacant (Since 7 June 2009)
WWE United States Champion: Kofi Kingston (Since 1 June 2009
WWE Divas Champion: Maryse (Since 22 December 2008)
WWE Unifed Tag Team Champions: Carlito and Primo (Since 21 September 2008)

Batista - Injuried - Time Unknown
Beth Phoenix - Heel
Big Show - Heel
Brie Bella - Face
Carlito - Face
Chavo Guerrero - Heel
Cody Rhodes - Heel
Fetsus - Face
Goldust - Face
'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan - Face
Hornswoggle - Face
Jamie Noble - Heel
Jillian - Heel
John Cena - Face
Kelly Kelly - Face
Kofi Kingston - Face
Maryse - Heel
Matt Hardy - Heel
Mickie James - Face
MVP - Face
Nikki Bella - Face
Primo - Face
Randy Orton - Heel
Rosa Mendes - Heel
Santino Marella - Heel
Shawn Michaels - Injuried - Time Unknown

Sim Snuka - Heel
Ted DiBiase - Heel
The Brian Kendrick - Heel
The Miz - Heel
Triple H - Injuried - Time Unknown
William Regal - Heel

General Manager: Vickie Guerrero
Commentators: Michael Cole & Jerry 'The King' Lawler
Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia

WWE Smackdown Roster:

WWE World Heavyweight Champion: CM Punk (Since 7 June 2009)
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho (Since 7 June 2009)
WWE Womens Champion: Melina (Since 25 Janruary 2009)

Alica Fox - Heel
Candice - Face
Charlie Haas - Heel
Chris Jericho - Heel
CM Punk - Heel
Curt Hawkins - Heel
Dolph Ziggler - Heel
Edge - Heel
Eve - Face
Gail Kim - Face
Jeff Hardy - Face
Jesse - Face
Jimmy Wang Yang - Face
John Morrison - Heel
JTG - Face
Kane - Face
Kung Fu Naki - Face
Layla - Heel
Maria - Face
Melina - Heel
Michelle McCool - Heel
Mike Knox - Heel
R-Truth - Face
Ranjin Singh - Heel
Rey Mysterio - Face
Ricky Ortiz - Tweener
Shad - Face
Shelton Benjamin - Heel
The Great Khali - Heel
The Undertaker - Injuried - Unknown Time

General Manager: Theodore Long
Commentators: Jim Ross & Todd Grisham
Ring Announce: Justin Roberts

Tag Team Roster:

Cryme Tyme: JTG & Shad - Face
Legacy: Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase - Heel
The Colons: Carlito & Primo - Face
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin - Heel

WWE ECW Roster:

To Be Drafted

David Hart Smith
DJ Gabriel
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
Gregory Helms
Jack Swagger
Katie Lea Burchil
Mark Herny
Paul Burchill
Tommy Dreamer
Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov
Zach Ryder

Pay Per View Order

The Bash: June 28 2009
Night of Champions: July 26 2009
Summerslam: August 23 2009
Unforgiven: September 13 2009
No Mercy: October 4 2009
Cyber Sunday: October 25 2009
Survivor Series: November 22 2009

WWE 2009: Shuffling The Deck News, Notes and Spoilers:
June 7th 2009

Extreme Rules saw the Death of ECW. Vince McMahon did not like whre ECW was heading and the ratings it was pulling and decided enough is enough. He announced that in 8 days the ECW Roster will be drafted onto Raw or Smackdown. The current plans only call for 6 wrestlers making the jump to Raw or Smackdown and the rest heading back to FCW, repostioned or being released. Christian seems to be the only wrestler certain and going to the Main Roster. Some new younger, talent might be put over and drafted to Raw or Smackdown and challenge for the Mid-Card Titles.

It seems like Vickie Guerrero will be leaving the WWE after Raw tomorrow night. This means there will be no Raw General Manager, the current plan is to have Vince McMahon fill in until a suitable General Manager can be found.

The WWE Championship will remain vacant until The Bash, a Tournament is the most likely option to crown a New Champion. There is still no word on who will be winning the Championship, but a first time champion could be crowned.

The rule that has seemed lax over the past few years, Defending your title every 30 Days will be heavily enforced across all of the WWE.

Jeff Hardy is going to cash in his rematch at The Bash against CM Punk, who will be playing the part of the heel. Punk will use his recent Champion win to get over him as a Heel. This is going to be the only meeting between the two wrestlers before they both find new challenges.

The Miz has been attacking John Cena verbally for weeks. This week it seems like Cena will comfront The Miz and set up a match for The Bash.​

Raw Preview
June 8th 2009

The WWE Championship is vacant. Last night Batista defeated Randy Orton in a Steel Cage Match, but suffered an Injury in the process and vacated the title on the spot. Randy Orton is very unhappy about what happened and says he wants his WWE Championship back. How will General Manager Vickie Guerrero address this situation and will there be a new WWE Champion by the end of the night?

John Cena has finished with The Big Show after he made him tap out last night at Extreme Rules. But John does not have to look far to see his next opponent. The Miz has been calling out John for weeks now. Will he finally answer The Miz on Raw?

Santino Marella has confirmed that ‘Miss Wrestlemania’ Santina Marella has returned home to Italy and we will not be seeing her anymore. Vickie Guerrero is upset losing to Santina at Extreme Rules, she has booked her brother, Santino in a match against The Big Show and Chavo Guerrero in a Handicap Match.

Maryse has been the WWE Diva’s Champion since December Last Year. This week she will find out who will face her next week on Raw when the ECW Roster is drafted. Mickie James will face off against Jillian, which women will face Maryse for the Title?

The United States Champion, Kofi Kingston will be in action on Raw. His opponent is unknown at the moment, so who will get a chance against Kofi.

Confirmed for Raw:
Mickie James Vs Jillian – WWE Divas Championship Number One Contenders Match
Santino Marella Vs The Big Show & Chavo Guerrero - One on Two Handicap Match
Kofi Kinston will be in action
The Miz will continue to call out John Cena
Randy Orton will demand that Vickie gives him the WWE Championship back
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Note: Well this is my first Be The Booker. It is writen for the most part. I didn't write the last two matches in full because I really wanted to get this thing up. I might end up writing shows with Full Promos, but recap matches. Then put the PPV all in full, to make it mean something more. I am still a little shady on the characters from this time. I am doing my best to research them, but they still might be a little off at the moment.

WWE Raw June 8th 2009
Lafayette, Louisiana

Even before anything to officially start RAW can be shown, the first cut of the night is to outside of the Cajundome. In the darkness of the night, bright headlights are seen growing in intensity over time. The rumble of the engine too grows stronger over time passing. The vehicle causing all of this noise and commotion is none other than a Black Limousine. It draws to a close outside the arena and the back door swings up. The camera shot zooms in onto the door to try and get a glimpse at who it is. The person inside the limousine is shown to be the Chairman of the WWE, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. The owner of the company stands at the door looking into the Limousine, his facial expression says it all, he is happy. The door closes without Vince McMahon touching it. The limousine pulls away from the Cajundome, Vince turns around and sees ‘WWE RAW Live’ signage posted on the building to promote tonight’s event. The face of the former WWE Champion, Batista is shown on the banner. Vince giggles to himself before taking off inside of the building to handle his business. The shoot fades to black, then almost seamlessly into the Raw Opening Video.

Inside of the Cajundome is going crazy, cheering loudly as the camera pans across all of the 12,121 people in tonights sell out crowd. The stage is highlighted as it’s being lit up by Pyro’s. The exciting display comes to an end, Michael Cole and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler are seen sitting ringside behind the Announcers Table.

Michael Cole:
Welcome to another edition of WWE Raw, we are going to you from The Heart of Cajun Country; Lafayette, Louisiana.

Jerry Lawler:
I don’t if it’s just me or what. Tonight is going to be massive. We are just twenty four hours removed from Extreme Rules which finally saw the end of ECW by Vince McMahon. I applaud him on doing so.

Michael Cole:
Speaking of Vince McMahon, he is here in the building tonight, he just entered moments away. I am not getting word that he will address this fans later tonight and in doing so will answer some questions that have been popping up regarding ECW.

Jerry Lawler:
Now we are going to recap Extreme Rules for you people who might have missed it or been too cheap to watch it.

A video highlighting the events of Extreme Rules is shown on the Large Television Screen above the Stage. The video starts with the shot of the Steel Cage being lowered down over the ring, the deathly chilling music is playing in the background. Following that, Kofi Kingston is seen unleashing his Trouble In Paradise on William Regal before pinning him to retain the WWE United States Championship, MVP and Matt hardy is seen fighting in the background. Batista’s entrance is shown, with the fireworks blasting off in the background. The ECW Championship Match is shown. Tommy Dream is seen claiming the ECW Championship, pinning Christian. The new champion is seen holding the championship over his shoulder, falling into a sea of his supporters. The entrance of the WWE Champion, Randy Orton fades into view. The cunning, Orton slowly paces towards Batista and the Steel Cage hanging over the ring. Vince McMahon’s theme music breaks the stare off between Randy and Batista. Vince is heard announcing the Death of ECW and seen with a large grin on his face. Dreamer is seen clutching onto the championship he worked so hard for, just be pulled away from him. The Steel Cage is lowered into the place as Randy Orton and Batista take their places into the Cage ready to do battle. The match starts off with the usual exchanges. Orton is seen being driven into the steel mash surrounding the ring. Randy gets his revenge in the next shot, hitting a slingshot on Batista into the Cage. The following shot is the exact moment that Batista injured his arm, his scream of pain is heard out around the arena. Highlights of the John Cena, Big Show match are shown in the middle of the other match. Big Show is seen man handling John and having him locked in submission holds, but he cannot make Cena tap out. Cena gets a burst of energy and lifts the almost 500 Pound Big Show onto his shoulders and hits the FU to him, before locking in the STFU and making the World’s Largest Athlete tap out. John is seen standing triumphantly over his fallen opponent. This shot is blended into the scene of Batista knelling prone on the canvas clutching his arm. Randy Orton attempts to finish it and hit the Running ‘Punt’ on him. The camera shoot slows down and shows Batista moving out of the way out ‘The Punt.’ The Animal is shown rallying back with only one arm, and even with his one arm, lifts Randy up and hits the Batista Bomb. Batista scrambles out of the ring and wins the WWE Championship, the referee places the title over his shoulder. Batista is next seen standing backstage with Todd Grisham. Batista tells Todd that he is hurt and needs surgery straight away and he is going to vacate the WWE Championship. He places the belt down on the ground and walks away from it. The shot then faces to a shot of the WWE Championship lying in the centre of the ring of Cajundome early in the day. The video ends on a sad note, Michael and Jerry are shown on screen.

Michael Cole:
Extreme Rules, a night of changes, a night to be forgotten quickly.

Jerry Lawler:
Batista is gone. He injured his arm and will be out for an unknown amount of time. More importantly, that dirty, disgusting ECW is gone. Good reddens.

Michael Cole:
Vickie Guerrero is going to have to make a big announcement tonight, with Vince McMahon just over her shoulder watching, what will she say and who will be the New Champion?

** I Hear Voices **

Michael Cole:
It’s Randy Orton, the former WWE Champion. I wonder what type of mood he would be in tonight?

Jerry Lawler:
Take it from me Michael, I have won and lost more titles than you have had sexual encounters, even Tommy Dreamer has won more titles than you have had sexual encounters. Randy Orton will be pissed off. Who wouldn’t be?

Michael Cole is quite after the insult from Jerry Lawler. The Former WWE Champion walks out onto the stage, wearing his wrestling attire. The crowd are booing him loudly even as he slowly paces down the ramp. Randy has a cocky, confident look on his face. He looks ready to reclaim what should still have been his twenty four hours ago. There are no exciting movements from Orton, he is happy taking his time. He snatches the microphone off the Time Keepers Table before slipping into the ring. Randy Orton stands up in the ring and pauses for a moment. He looks around the Cajundome and sees all the Pro-Batista signs in the crowd. It brings a wicked smile to his face before he speaks.

Randy Orton:
Extreme Rules is over. So is the career of Batista. The injury he suffered last night will be too much for such a regular person to overcome.

With the crowd booing Randy, he waits for them to quit down before speaking again.

Randy Orton:
Just look at him, he is nothing more than an overrated, over hyped nobody. In Evolution, I was the Crowd Jewel, the next biggest star. Not him, he was only there because he looked tough.

Looking up at the roof, Randy points to where the Steel Cage came from last night.

Randy Orton:
Last night I was locked inside a Steel Cage with an Animal. The Animal said he will bite and tear me apart. Just look at The Animal now. He was bitten, he was ripped apart. He lies in a hospital bed watching me stand in the ring. Talking, gloating about ending his career. He wishes he can do something, but he cannot. He is just too weak to take me at full strength.

The Lafayette crowd start to chant ‘Randy Sucks.’ The former Champion is unaffected by the chants. He just continues to talk in his relaxed state.

Randy Orton:
I have been booed my entire career. I no longer care what you people have to say or think. I only care about one person and that person is me.

Randy walks over to the turnbuckle and stands in front of it before speaking.

Randy Orton:
I was once known as the Legend Killer in the WWE.

The former Legend Killer steps up onto the turnbuckle and throws his hands into the air and does his old famous pose to great heat from the crowd. Orton leaps down and continues to speak.

Randy Orton:
This man you boo has taken out some of your favourite legends of all time. Jimmy Snuka, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and Shawn Michaels, to name a few.

There is a massive cheer around the arena for the mention of the three legends.

Randy Orton:
But look at them all. They are all way past their prime. They were finished before I even began with them. That ship sailed a long time ago. It’s now all about killing the legends of the current, Morden Day legends. ‘Legends’ like Batista.

The fans watch on as Orton giggles to himself before continuing.

Randy Orton:
There are many Morden Day legends that could do with killing. I want even have to hunt them down. They will all flock to me. Wanting a chance to hold the WWE Championship.

This only draws boos from the crowd; Randy looks down the ramp and to the stage.

Randy Orton:
So Vickie Guerrero, are you going to come out here now and award me the WWE Championship or what wrestler will you throw in front of me later tonight to crown a Champion?

** Excuse Me **

Vickie Guerrero walks out onto stage wearing a black dress. She looks at Randy in the ring before walking down the ramp and steps foot into the ring

Michael Cole:
Vickie Guerrero is here. What will she have to say to Randy Orton?

Vickie Guerrero:
Excuse Me, Excuse Me.

The annoying voice of Vickie Guerrero and her annoying catchphrase gain heat from the crowd, but not as much as Randy did.

Vickie Guerrero:
Excuse me Randy Orton. Who do you think you are? Do you think you can just tell me what do you?

Randy glances over at Vickie for a second, he stares at her as she continues to speak. The fans continue to boo Vickie.

Vickie Guerrero:
I said, Excuse Me! Randy, Actions speak louder than words in my books. Last night, you lost. Batista beat you, he escape the cage. Should I be just handing you the WWE Championship? I don’t think so.

With the evil look on Vickie’s face, Orton snaps. He lunges at Guerrero and looks to hit an RKO on her. But he stops, he does not connect. Vickie said there starting to beg Randy not to RKO her.

Randy Orton:
Just as I thought. You are scared of me Vickie. Maybe I can twist your arm, break it, just like Batista’s? You don’t want me to end it all for you. You don’t want me to hurt you. It’s all about you Vickie. From now on, it’s about me. Not about Legacy or anybody else. It is about ... Randy Keith Orton.

Randy jumps out and hits the RKO to Vickie Guerrero, laying her out cold in the ring. He stands over top of her and speaks at the crowd, who are booing Randy for his actions.

Randy Orton:
The WWE Championship, its mine Vickie. Weather you give it to me or not. Enjoy that hospital bed next to Batista. I am Randy Orton, The Viper, The Legend Killer, the future WWE Champion!

The crowd react to Randy with a negative reaction. He is getting louder boos than he was earlier in the night. Orton just stands over Vickie and throws his arms into the air, doing his Legend Killer Pose. The EMT’s race out to the ring to help Vickie. Randy Orton just walks away and leaves the ring with a huge smile on his face.

Michael Cole:
Randy Orton has just hit the RKO to Vickie Guerrero. We still don’t know what is happening with the WWE Championship. We don’t even know what is going to happen with Vickie now.

Jerry Lawler:
The Legend Killer is back. But he is now targeting current day legends. I guess that spares you Michael, how long have you been here for? Ten years?

Michael Cole:
I haven’t been here along as you King. This is vintage Randy Orton, all about finishing the careers of legends. Who will be on his list now?

*** Commercial Break ***

Michael Cole:
Welcome back to Raw. If you are just tuning in, Vince McMahon is here tonight and will address the crowd later tonight. Randy Orton then attacked Vickie Guerrero and took her out with an RKO. Up next we have Kofi Kingston is in action. I wonder who it will be against.

** S.O.S **

Michael Cole:
Last week on Raw he won the United States Championship and he went on to defend it against MVP, Matt Hardy and William Regal in a Fatal Four Way Match last night.

Jerry Lawler:
He got lucky, MVP and Matt Hardy where fighting each other and Regal was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tonight we should be having a new champion.

Kofi Kingston pops out onto the stage with the WWE United States Championship over his shoulder. He poses on the stage, and claps his hands together with Pyro’s going off in the background. The crowd are cheering for Kofi Kingston as he rushes down to the ring. Kofi leaps to the turnbuckle, posing with the United States Title before handing it to the referee. He takes off his track suit waiting for his opponent to enter the ring.

** Villain **

Michael Cole:
It is William Regal, the guy who Kofi pinned last night.

Jerry Lawler:
Tonight Michael, you will see that William Regal is a better wrestler than Kofi Kingston and should be the United States Champion and not him.

William Regal walks out onto the stage to a small amount of boos. He walks out in a cool manner, wearing a long royal robe. He climbs up the steps and wipes the bottom of his wrestling boots before stepping into the ring. He takes of his robe and drops it over the ropes to the time keeper before turning around and getting checked down for weapons by the referee.

Michael Cole:
Regal has a history of using weapons during matches, so this is good refereeing.

Kofi Kingston Vs William Regal
Non-Title Singles Match
The bell echo’s out around the arena, mixed in with the cheers for Kofi Kingston. The match is quickly underway with Kofi standing in his unorthodox stance to try and unsettle the veteran Regal. The pair tie up in a test of strength, which is sharply won by William. The English Man puts Kingston into a side headlock. Kofi moves around in the hold trying to escape, he begins to swing his arms into the ribs of Regal in the escape attempt. Kofi Kingston hits and spins his feet out at the same time, causing a clean break. Kofi is ready to go straight away and bursts off towards Regal, and the pair lock up again. William once again takes control with his stronger upper body and gets caught up in a hammerlock. The United States Champion is unorthodox in his escape method. Running, he pulls Regal with him towards the corner turnbuckles. The crowd pops for Kofi as he runs up the turnbuckles. Kingston pushes of backwards in an attempt to land on top of Regal. The old Street Fighter from Blackpool sees this coming and gets a grip around the waist of Kofi and as he hits the canvas, he goes into a bridging position, pinning the shoulders of the Champion down onto the canvas.
One ...

Two .
Both men roll away from the cover and stand up. William sees that Kofi is taking a little longer than him to return to his feet and rushes towards him. He connects with a running European Uppercut to his jaw. Regal follows up with a quick snapmere, which is then transferred into a chin lock. Regal continues to have the control over this match, grounding the much quicker opponent. Kingston begins to rock his head back and forward, driving it into the head of Regal. The fans come to life at the same rate Kofi is. As he showing more signs of movement, they are cheering louder. Kofi is soon up onto his feet, fighting with Regal for control. He hooks his hands around the back of William’s head and drops back to the ground, driving his jaw into the top of his skull. Regal releases the chin lock and slowly backs away. Kofi stands up and shakes off the effects of the submission holds that William has been applying and standing Enzuigure to him. Kofi goes for a pin out of sheer hope he might catch Regal napping.

One ...

Two .
Regal drives his shoulder off the canvas. Kofi rolls off Williams and gets back onto his feet. William also gets to his feet. Kofi Kingston heads into Regal and slaps him across the chest, with a Mongolian Chop. Regal returns the Mongolian Chop with a stand chop across the chest. The crowd releases a Ric Flair ‘Woo’ out with each chop hit. Kofi hits another Mongolian Chop and William delivers a second standard one back. Kingston hits his third Mongolian Chop for Regal, knocking him back a little. William Regal comes back at Kingston, looking to hit a third chop, but fakes it and goes for a clothesline with the other arm. Kofi ducks under the swinging arm of Regal. The Brawling British Resident stops in his tracks and turns around. He is only meet with a roundhouse kick by Kofi Kingston, taking down Regal another time in this match. Kofi once again goes for a cover.

One ...

Two ..
William Regal produces another Kickout to stop Kofi from winning the match. Kingston stands up onto his feet; with him he pulls the head of Regal with him. Both men are on their feet, Kofi grabs Regal and sets him up for a suplex. Kingston goes to left William up, but Regal blocks him and counters the move into a suplex of his own. Kofi hits the canvas hard, his head bouncing of the canvas. The crowd are stunned for a second before yelling out in pain with Kofi. William Regal gets to his feet, holding the back of his head for a second. He turns his back to the referee for the time being, reaching into his wrestling tights to pull out his trusty Brass Knuckles. He waits for Kofi to get back onto his feet, making sure he hides the Brass from the sight of the referee. Kingston stands up onto his feet, his back facing Regal. William goes in the strike, ready to hit and run as quick as he can. Kingston turns around and seemingly out of nowhere, hits the Trouble in Paradise to William Regal. Kofi goes in the cover as the brass knuckles slowly slide out of the ring.

One ...

Two ...
== Winner via Pinfall at 6:42 – Kofi Kingston ==

Michael Cole:
What a good close fought contest. Kofi Kingston had the answer to all of William Regal’s questions.

Jerry Lawler:
William was the better wrestler tonight be far and should have been rewarded with the victory. Clearly Kofi was lucky tonight and if they fought again next week the result with have William Regal winning.

Kofi Kingston stands in the ring waiting for the referee to return with his United States Championship. With his hand raised in the air, Kofi does his Boom Boom Clap to the crowd pleasure. He finishes of the celebrations by leaping to the top rope and posing with the United States Champion much to the pleasure of the crowd. Kofi jumps down from the turnbuckle and leaves the ring and soon the arena.

Michael Cole:
I wonder who the next challenger for Kofi’s United States Championship will be?

Jerry Lawler:
Michael, you know it, I know it, and all these fans know it. William Regal should be fighting for the United States Championship. He was robbed last night at Extreme Rules and he was robbed tonight.

Michael Cole:
We know go backstage to our broadcast partner, Josh Mathews. He is with Matt Hardy. Maybe he can challenge Kofi Kingston for the United States Championship.

Josh Matthews is shown standing backstage in front of the WWE Raw logo. His guest is Matt Hardy, who is not wearing the arm cast we have seen over the past few months on Raw. The crowd boo Matt as he grins down the camera.

Josh Matthews:
I am here with Matt Hardy. Matt, you are no longer sporting that cast you have been wearing for weeks now. Does this mean that the arm is fully healed?

Matt Hardy:
Yes Josh it means it has healed to a point where the doctors believe that I can start to wrestle again without it. Do you think that I am stupid Josh? Thinking I would take of my cast without Doctors permission?

Josh Matthews:
I am sorry Matt; I did not mean it like that. Keeping related to the cast, Jeff Hardy. Last night won the World Heavyweight Championship only to lose it to CM Punk when he cashed in his Money in the Bank.

Matt Hardy: That just proves that Jeff cannot handle the spot light. He was given a chance and look at him. What a disgrace. All those times he beat me, he knew he couldn’t make it without me. I can make it own my own. I am Matt Hardy.

Josh Matthews:
Matt, Jeff is a two time World Champion now. You lost to Kofi Kingston last night for the United States Championship.

Matt Hardy:
That doesn’t matter anymore. The past is the past and you cannot change that. The future is what we can change. In the future I see Matt Hardy holding championship gold. I see Matt Hardy going far in the WWE. I see Matt Hardy winning just the one World Championship, but holding it for so long, before will forget who I defeated to win it. The fact is, I would have defeated nobody. When Vickie Guerrero wakes up, she will watch the videos and not reward Randy Orton with the WWE Championship. She will look elsewhere. She will look towards me, Matt Hardy.

At that moment, MVP walks into the shot on the other side of Josh Matthews; he grabs his microphone and starts to talk to Matt. The crowd stops cheering for a second to listen to MVP.

You think you will just get handed the WWE Championship Matt? On what world will that be? Because it will not be this one. Vickie will give her Husband, Edge the easy road to the championship. Because she will be feeling sorry for him. Hard working people like me, who have turned their whole entire lives around want be rewarded. I was the highest paid wrestler on Smackdown when I debuted. Remind me Matt what where you doing when you debuted?

Matt Hardy:
I was getting paid, that is what mattered. I might have been feed to the dogs time after time. But that made me stronger, made me hungrier. Don’t get me started on Edge. That idiot stole my Girlfriend, then dumped her and married some fat ugly pig. This is Matt Hardy’s time. My time to shine.

You finished yet man. I don’t care if some slut slept with you, Edge or almost everybody else in the locker room. The WWE Championship is up for grabs. Its fair game for anybody. I plan on winning my first World Championship and if I have to go through you, then I will be more than happy too.

Matt Hardy:
Don’t lie man. You don’t want to promise these fans something you cannot deliver on.

How about a match then. Right here, right now. Or are you too chicken?

Matt Hardy:
I am not medically cleared to fight tonight. Next week MVP. I’ll do it next week. How about that man?

I don’t care about you enough to wait that long. It’s now or never. You wrestled last night, why not now?

Matt Hardy does not answer that question and walks away from the interview. MVP has gotten under his skin. Matt seemed pretty angry at the shots directed at his former relationship with Lita. MVP stands there with Josh Matthews with a smile on his face before walking off. In the background, the crowd are popping at MVP standing strong.

Michael Cole:
The bad blood between MVP and Matt Hardy continues to thicken.

Jerry Lawler:
MVP wants to be Matt Hardy. He wants that attention that Matt gets when he enters the room.

Michael Cole:
Nobody wants to be Matt Hardy, which is the problem. Both men want the WWE Championship. With no word on Vickie Guerrero, we still don’t know what is going to happen with the WWE Championship. Tune in back after the break when we will have Diva’s Tag Team Action.

Jerry Lawler:
Oh, double the divas, double the puppies.

*** Commercial Break ***

We come back from the Commercial to see Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase in their locker room. Cody is checking himself in the mirror, Ted is sitting down on a bench.

Ted DiBiase:
Just stop looking at yourself Cody. We already know we are the two best looking and two best up and comers here on Raw.

Cody turns around and takes a sit next to Ted on the bench.

Ted DiBiase:
We are Legacy. Our fathers where great wrestlers in their own right. Be we are better than them. My father and your father don’t hold a candle to us.

Cody Rhodes:
Dusty and Ted Senior are nothing. We are the future of this company. It will be us that Vince McMahon makes his millions of dollars off. We will sell out arenas around the world.

Ted DiBiase:
Just hold on Cody. That is in the future. We are living in the Present, remember that. Randy Orton ditched us tonight. He quit Legacy; it’s all about him now. So I found us a third member.

Cody Rhodes:
Do we really need another member? Us two, it’s great. We are going to be the next guys to face off against Carlito and Primo for the Tag Team Championships.

Ted DiBiase:
Just think about having a third member? He can do what we used to do for Randy. He can help us win matches and win those Tag Team Titles.

Cody Rhodes:
Who is he then?

With that being said the door opens and in walks Sim Snuka. Ted DiBiase stands up and shakes his hand. Cody does not open up a warm welcome to Sim.

Ted DiBiase:
Welcome Sim Snuka, you are the newest member of The Legacy.

Cody seems displeased with new addition as we head back ring side to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Michael Cole:
Welcome back to Raw. Sim Snuka looks to be the newest member of Legacy.

Jerry Lawler: I remember beating their fathers all the time. Hopefully that learned something from that.

Michael Cole:
Up next we have Diva’s tag team action. The Bella Twins will face off against Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes.

** You Can Look (But You Can't Touch) **

Jerry Lawler:
Twins Michael, Twins.

Michael Cole:
This is going to be the first of two Diva matches tonight. Later tonight, Mickie James will face off against Jillian to decide the Number One Contender to the WWE Diva’s Championship.

The Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki walk out onto the stage in matching attires. They get a small pop from the crowd. They make a quick entrance into the ring, before those pose back to back for the crowd.

** Glamazon **

Michael Cole:
Beth Phoenix must be angry over not getting a chance to challenge for the WWE Diva’s Championship. So she will be looking to take out some of her angry against The Bella’s.

Jerry Lawler:
I like The Bella’s, I really do. But tonight is the Glamazon’s night. Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes will have too much.

Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes walk out onto the stage. Beth is getting some heat from the crowd. Rosa is tagging along for the ride. Beth climbs to the turnbuckle and does his back flip into the ring before standing in the ring waiting for the match to begin. Rosa is on the apron, watching as her mentor stands ready.

Michael Cole:
The fire in Beth’s eyes. I have never seen them burn so bright.

Brie and Nikki Bella Vs Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes
Tag Team Match
Nikki starts of the match for her team against Beth. Nikki is bare enough to lock up with Beth Phoenix, only to be thrown down onto the canvas. Beth displays her power game picking Nikki up by her hair and then whipping her across the ring. Phoenix grabs Nikki and hits a strong power slam to her. Her little frame bounces around on the mat. Her screams are heard clear as day. Beth plays to the crowd, raises his hands up in the air, like she is holding a crown. This draws a slight negative reaction from the crowd. Beth grabs Nikki Bella and sets her up for the Glam Slam. She connects with it, leaving Nikki lifeless in the ring. Phoenix goes over to Brie and grabs her and dominates her into a Glam Slam position. Beth plants Brie Bella next to her sister on the canvas, before covering by bodies with her arms.


Two ...
== Winner via Pinfall at 1.22 – Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes ==

After the match, Beth Phoenix gets her hand raised in the air by the referee. Rosa joins her and raises Beth’s other arm. The Duo leave the ring together happy with the dominate display they put on. The referee goes to check on Brie and Nikki Bella, who are still both laying out cold in the ring.

Michael Cole:
That didn’t take Beth Phoenix long at all. She was dominate from start to finish.

Jerry Lawler:
Good thing we have more Diva action later tonight. I don’t think I got my full fix of puppies tonight.

Michael Cole:
is that all you think about Jerry? Puppies?

We head backstage to where Josh Matthews is rooming the hallways. He sees The Brain Kendrick walking out of a room with a grin on his face. He does his little dance over to Josh Matthews who starts to interview him.

Josh Matthews:
Brain Kendrick...

The Brain Kendrick:
That’s THE Brain Kendrick Josh, get it right.

Josh Matthews:
Sorry, The Brain Kendrick. Whose room where you just in and what where you doing in there?

The Brain Kendrick:
It’s for me to know and you to find out. All I will say though is, I’m a Man with a Plan.

The Brain Kendrick is seen dancing away, bopping back and forward to music playing in his head. Josh is still just as confused as when he started to interview The Brain Kendrick.

Michael Cole:
A Man with a Plan? I wonder what that Plan will just be. Come back after the break. The Miz will be in the ring and he will call out John Cena again.

*** Commercial Break ***

** Awesome! **

The commentators are quite as The Miz exits the backstage area out onto the stage. He walks out to a mass off boos. He is wearing his Anti-Cena shirt; some members of the crowd are seen to be wearing the same shirt. The Miz walks down the ramp and runs up onto the apron. He poses for a second before steps inside the squared circle and walking around waiting for Justin Roberts to hand him a microphone.

Jerry Lawler:
The Miz is here and he is once again going to call out John Cena.

Michael Cole:
For weeks now we have had to listen to The Miz ramble on and on, hopefully Cena will finally answer the challenge.

The Miz waits for the crowd to stop booing him before he speaks.

The Miz:
Really, you people boo me in this time of great indecision. We have no WWE Champion Ladies and Gentleman. We need to find a new champion soon. We need to find a new General Manager. Just look at Vickie Guerrero. Last night she lost to Santino, sorry I mean Santina Marella. Tonight, she was laid out cold by Randy Orton.

The crowd boos for the mentioning of Vickie Guerrero and Randy Orton.

The Miz:
Just look at Randy Orton and compare him to me? We have nothing in common right? Correct, we have nothing in common at all. You see Randy, you are a Loser. I, I am a Winner and all these people here know that.

Once again The Miz draws heat from the crowd.

The Miz:
This place feels cold, as cold as ice. This town is a bad place. You call this place the Frozen Swamp? Really?

The crowd don’t take lighting to the putting down of their local sporting team. A Chant of ‘Ice-Gators’ starts to build up.

The Miz:
You people do not deserve to see me. I should just walk out that door and near return. But that is not why I am here tonight. Tonight it is about John Cena finally answering my challenge.

The mention of John Cena makes the crowd come to life. They are cheering for him to come out and beat The Miz down.

The Miz:
John Cena is a man who I have been calling out for weeks and weeks now. I have lost count how many times John Cena has run away scared from me. John Cena I will invite you down one more time. Just once. John Cena, come on down.

The Miz waits for John Cena’s music to hit the arena. Nothing comes, so The Miz continues to speak.

The Miz:
John Cena has once again decided to back down from a challenge. For a man who says he will never back down, he will never quit. His absence scares me. Is the John Cena of old going away? Does the Wangster want to move back in with his mother and count all of the money he has made during his career?

The crowd are starting to chant ‘John Cena’ to try and get him out.

The Miz:
Look at yourself for a moment John. You tired movies, you failed. You tired Music, you failed. You tired wrestling, people say you fail. Everything you do John, you fail. You fail hard.

** My Time Is Now **

Michael Cole:
Its John Cena, finally he answers all of the challenges. What will have to say to the Miz, who continues to run his mouth about him.

John Cena bursts out from the back to a huge cheer. The loudest of the night. To the surprise of the crowd, John is wearing a Mix shirt, one of his older Chick Magnet shirts. John pumps up his Reeboks and does the ‘U Can’t See Me’ wave in front of his face before running down to the ring where The Miz is. The Miz holds his ground in the ring. John slides into the ring, keeping an eye on The Miz. He walks over to the corner and grabs a microphone. He looks over at The Miz and starts to act like him.

John Cena:
Look at me, I’m The Miz and I’m Awesome. John Cena is scared of me. I’m Awesome, encase you forgot. I’m Awesome. John Cena sucks. I’m Awesome.

John quickly takes of The Miz shirt he is wearing and throws it down onto the canvas.

John Cena:
That is you Miz. That is all you do. I’m Awesome, John Cena sucks, I’m Awesome, I’m Awesome, John Cena is scared, I’m Awesome, I’m Awesome, I’m AWESOME! Cut the crap Miz. Nobody wants to listen to you talk about that. People know you are not awesome.

A strong ‘John Cena’ chant starts; a few smarks tack on Sucks at the end of the chant. But that quickly finishes before the main chant does.

John Cena:
Ever since you have been drafted her Miz, you have continued to run your mouth about. You sound like a broken record. Change the song, change the tune, and change everything. Miz, thanks for bringing up my past. In my past, I have done many things you haven’t. I have released my own Record. I have been in Movies. I have won WWE World Championships. What have you done? Some cheap Reality TV show ten years ago.

The Miz looks at John and starts to question him. The crowd are cheering for John.

The Miz:
Really, you are going to bring up my past? Everybody knows my past. Yes I was on Reality TV. Does it make me a worse person than you? John, people hate me. Wrestlers hated me when I was first starting in the WWE. I had to get changed in the toilets and wash my teeth in the water fountains. I over came all of that John. I over came forgetting the WWE Diva Search Number. I am better than all of that now. In the past five years John, I have grown as a person and as wrestler more than you have grown your whole entire life. You have stayed the same person John, no wonder people are turning on you. No wonder people boo you. No wonder nobody wants you in the World Title Match. Move over, it’s time for a new generation to start.

John Cena looks over at the crowd, who are now booing The Miz. He looks back at The Miz and starts to speak back to him.

John Cena:
The new generation? What are you going to bring to the table? Salt? These fans will cheer me, they believe in me because I believe in myself. As long as I believe in myself, I will continue to wrestle and please these fans. I did not choice to be the Main Course, these fans choice me. I respect that. They respect me. Maybe I will have to kick some respect into you Miz.

The crowd pops at John hinting at getting physical.

John Cena:
Seeing that you want me for so long, I don’t think a match right now would be fair. The fans might want to see me kicking your arse Miz. But they would much rather see me kicking your arse at The Bash on Pay Per View. That way my fans from all around the world will be able to watch me kick your arse back to the Real World. I do mean that Reality TV show you where on.

The Miz:
What makes me thing you will turn up there? I am guessing you are not One Hundred percent after your match last night against Big Show. I will be fair for once. I will give you three weeks to get ready for me. That’s all you get. I have been ready for you for weeks now John Cena. All of your fans will see me kick YOUR arse at The Bash. They will all go crying back home to their mothers and ask her the very same question. ‘Is John Cena dead? Why did The Miz kill John Cena?’ Lucky for you, you will not be dead. I want kill you. I will beat you and leave you lying on the canvas with blood running from your head. ‘Cause I’m The Miz, and I’m AWESOME!

The Miz drops his microphone down onto the canvas before pulling out the John Cena ‘U Can’t See Me’ wave. The Miz drops out of the ring and walks up the ramp. John Cena looks at The Miz leaving, walking away from him. Just as The Miz leaves the stage and heads backstage, John jumps out of the ring and exits into the crowd. He talks to his loyal fans to massive cheers as Raw heads to commercial.

Michael Cole:
John Cena Vs The Miz at The Bash. Weeks in the making and it is now going to finally happen.

Jerry Lawler:
Never man looked to attack the other tonight. I don’t think The Miz will be trying to let John Cena get back to One Hundred Percent. He should be looking to keep John Cena injured.

Michael Cole:
Maybe The Miz has respect for John Cena. On the other hand, maybe he wants to beat a fully fit John Cena. That has more weight around the WWE as not many people have done that.

Jerry Lawler:
Man you talk garbage Cole. The Miz will beat John Cena however he can. If he wins by DQ, he wins by DQ. As simple as that.

Michael Cole:
Please return to Raw after the break. We have more to come and Vince McMahon will be here later tonight to talk about ECW and what is going to happen next week with The Draft.

*** Commercial Break ***

Michael Cole:
Welcome back, we now have a Handicap match. Santino Marella will face off against Chavo Guerrero and The Big Show.

** La Vittoria e Mia **

Santino Marella walks out onto the stage, getting a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. He walks down the ramp and steps into the ring ready for his match against Chavo Guerrero and The Big Show. He limbers up in the ring waiting for his opponents to arrive.

Michael Cole:
Vickie Guerrero booked this match to get back at Santino.

Jerry Lawler:
I can’t wait to see Santino get squashed by The Big Show and Chavo Guerrero.

** Chavito Ardiente **

Chavo Guerrero walks out to the crowd booing him. He walks down to the ring and waits outside the for his partner to come down.

** Crank It Up **

Big Show’s music comes on, but he does not come out. Chavo is left wondering where his partner is. Santino invites Chavo into the ring for a one on one match. Chavo looks at the stage and does not see Big Show, but he still slides into the ring.

Michael Cole:
Where is Big Show?

Jerry Lawler:
I don’t know. This is a great chance for Chavo Guerrero to pure he should be in Title contention by beating Santino Marella by himself.

Santino Marella Vs Chavo Guerrero
Singles Match
The match starts off with the crowd cheering for Santino. This gives Santino a boost as he pumps his hand in the air. Chavo tries to hit a running clothesline to Santino, but he does the splits to avoid it. Chavo turns around and gets lifted into the air by Santino, hitting an arm drag to him. Chavo gets back to his feet and races at Santino, how this time hits a hip toss to him. Marella drops down on top of Chavo with a falling head butt. Santino Marella stands up and walks over into the air. He pumps up the crowd by holding his arm out straight, then hitting the elbow joint, followed by the wrist joint. He turns the wrist around and runs towards Chavo. Santino drives his hand into the neck of Guerrero who is standing up. The Italian Stallion goes for the quick cover on Chavo Guerrero.

One ...

Two ...
== Winner via Pinfall at 1:32 – Santino Marella ==

Michael Cole:
Santino Marella has beaten Chavo Guerrero. This was not expected at all.

Jerry Lawler:
What was the move that Santino won with? Has he ever used it before?

Santino Marella stands up and the referee raises his arm into the air. He walks over and grabs a microphone from the time keeper and looks over at Chavo Guerrero.

Santino Marella:
Is-a things, its-a over’s. Your-a favourite, SANTINO MARELLA! Has-a debuted a news finisher. Da Cobra!

The crowd cheers for Santino who looks to leave the ring, but Chavo stands up and tells him to get over there. Santino turns around and hits another Cobra to Chavo, grounding him again. Santino has won over new fans tonight, as they are cheering for him now. Santino leaves the ring and walks to the back.

Michael Cole:
The Cobra, there is your answer Jerry. It seems like the crowd is slowly getting behind Santino Marella now.

Jerry Lawler:
He would not last five seconds in the ring against a wrestler whose partner did not ditch him before the match started.

Michael Cole:
We are now going backstage to Josh Matthews again. He has The Big Show with him and he is going to ask him, why didn’t come out for this match.

Josh Matthews is backstage, standing beside the much larger Big Show. The Raw Logo can be barely seen behind Big Show. Josh looks at Big Show and starts to ask him a question.

Josh Matthews:
The Big Show, why did you leave Chavo Guerrero without a partner against Santino Marella?

The Big Show:
Look at me Josh. I am the World’s Largest Athlete. Seven Foot, Five Hundred Pounds of Athlete. Tell me anybody else in the world that is this big and does what I do inside that ring? The reason why I didn’t compete before is this. Why should I take orders from Vickie Guerrero? She is gone. Randy made sure of that. Just look at me, Nobody questions me. When people like you Josh question me, I don’t have to answer them.

A small boo is heard coming from the crowd as Chavo Guerrero walks into shot. The Big Show looks at him and laughs.

Chavo Guerrero:
Big Show, where were you? Santino Marella was meant to be finished tonight.

The Big Show:
The only person finished is you Chavo.

The Big Show clutches his right fist and smashes it right into the face of Chavo, knocking him out cold. The crowd boos as Big Show walks away. Before he leaves, he looks back and yells this.

The Big Show:
Don’t get in my way or that will be you.

Show continues walking away; Josh is in shock as EMT’s come to help Chavo Guerrero. The shot goes back to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Michael Cole:
It looks like Chavo Guerrero has suffered the same fate as Vickie. Both Guerrero’s are gone.

Jerry Lawler:
I don’t really care for the Guerero’s. They remind me of ECW too much.

Michael Cole:
Come back after the break, we will be joined by the WWE Diva’s Champion, Maryse. As we crown a new Contender to her championship.

*** Commercial Break ***

Michael Cole:
We are about to be joined by Maryse Jerry. So play nice.

** Pourquoi? **

The lovely looking Maryse walks out onto stage wearing a cocktail dress. The WWE Diva’s Championship is hanging over her shoulder. She struts down to the commentators table. She takes a seat next to Jerry Lawler and puts on a headset.

Michael Cole:
It is great to have you here Maryse. I just want to get your thoughts on Beth Phoenix and the dominance she displayed earlier tonight against The Bella’s.

Michael, what Beth did was impressive. But any women could have done that to The Bella’s.

** Sliced Bread **

Jillian has been missing for months. What was Vickie thinking? She has no chance against me. I just hope she doesn’t sign.

Jillian walks out to the arena, with a small amount of boos being heard. She walks down to the ring and stands in there wanting to sing her song. But before she can start, Mickie James’s theme music hits.

** Obsession **

The very untalented, unbeautiful Mickie James. There is a reason why I am the WWE Diva’s Champion. I’m Talented and beautiful at the same time.

Jerry Lawler:
I got to agree with you there Maryse.

Mickie James comes out bouncing around the stage to cheers from the crowd. She looks down the ramp and points at Maryse sitting a ringside. He runs down the ramp and bounces up into the ring, where she waits for the match to get underway.

Michael Cole:
Did you see that Maryse, Mickie just pointed you out.

I saw her Michael. She better worry about Jillian, who is in the ring with here at the moment.

Jillian Vs Mickie James
WWE Diva’s Championship Number One Contenders Singles Match
The match starts off with each nice quick exchange between Mickie and Jillian. Neither women being able to gain the upper hand to start with. That is until Mickie is able to hit a suplex to Jillian. This starts a chain of wrestling that see Mickie James work over the head of Jillian, by striking the head with his knee and forearms. Before locking in multiple submissions which Jillian escapes each of them before countering Mickie with a jawbreaker to gain control of the match. With Mickie on the back foot, Jillian is able to show her wide range of power moves, working over the back of James. Hitting a massive power slam to finish things off. Jillian then heads to the top rope to go for her 450 Splash, but Mickie stands up and counters it, by hitting a top rope hurricanrana. Mickie goes for the cover, but Jillian kicks out at two. Mickie grabs Jillian and tries to hit the Mickie-DT, Jillian is able to counter and set up for her Sitout Facebuster. James struggles her way out of the hold and is able to connect with the Long Kiss Goodnight, without the kiss part. She climbs over Jillian and makes the cover.

One ...

Two ...

== Winner via Pinfall at 7:23 – Mickie James ==
-- New Number One Contender for the WWE Divas Championship --

Michael Cole:
What an impressive match up by Mickie James and Jillian. I honestly did not know who was going to win.

So Mickie James will get to feel my power and witness my beauty next week.

Mickie James stands up in the ring, as Jillian rolls out of it. She gets her hand raises by the referee and she looks over at Maryse. The Champion stands up from behind the commentator’s desk and has a wicked smile on her face. Maryse leaves the announcers desk and grabs a microphone from the time keeper and addresses Mickie James in French. The crowd boos her as she does so.

Mickie James, vous n'êtes rien par rapport à la reine française. La semaine prochaine, vous ferez face à votre meilleur défi de votre vie. Je ne vais pas rouler facilement. Je vais défendre mon WWE Divas Championship, parce que c'est ce que je fais.

Maryse walks away from the ring. She throws her hand out towards Mickie James, telling her to talk to the hand. The new number one contender looks on as Maryse walks away in her cocktail dress and Diva’s Championship.

Michael Cole:
Next week on Raw, Maryse will defend her WWE Diva’s Championship against Mickie James.

Jerry Lawler:
If tonight’s match is anything to go by. We are going to be in for a great match next week.

Michael Cole:
Tonight has been a big night. We still have more to come. Like Vince McMahon is yet to address the WWE Universe about what is happening with ECW. Also what is happening with Vickie Guerrero and the WWE Championship? So many questions unanswered, so little time left. Join us after the break when one half of the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, Carlito faces off against The Brain Kendrick.

*** Commercial Break ***

Michael Cole:
Raw is back on air and we now have Carlito Vs The Brian Kendrick. Both men are known for their high risk style. This should be a nice high energy, high impact match.

** Cool **

Carlito comes out onto the stage with his brother Primo. Both men have their WWE Unified Championships over here shoulders. The crowd cheer the longest reigning champions in the WWE. Carlito enters the ring and hands his belts over to the referee.

Michael Cole:
Primo is at ringside tonight. I wonder what effects that will have on The Brain Kendrick.

** Man With A Plan **

The Brain Kendrick pops out onto the stage, dancing without a care in the world. Then to the surprise of Carlito and Primo, Ezekiel Jackson walks out onto the stage. TBK pats Jackson on the back before walking down to the ring. Ezekiel follows him down there, looking more menacing than he has in the past. Brain gets into the ring, leaving Jackson on the outside.

Michael Cole:
I stand corrected. Primo being at ringside looks to be neutralised and bettered.

Jerry Lawler:
How can it be? Jackson is an ECW superstar. He shouldn’t be on Raw.

Carlito w/ Primo Vs The Brain Kendrick w/ Ezekiel Jackson
Singles Match

The surprise of having Ezekiel Jackson at ringside, allowed The Brain Kendrick to get the advantage early in the match. He did this by performing high impact kicks and strikes to Carlito, mainly to his upper body and head region. On the outside of the ring, Jackson and Primo where having a little verbal fight. Carlito gained control in the match, using his skills and Monkey Flipping Brain. He went on to dominate Kendrick with similar moves that Brain did. Using his knees and forearms as the main weapon. The crowd are starting to get into the match, as both wrestlers begin to counter each other with high flying moves. The pair exchanged high impact move after high impact move. There were a lot of near falls thrown in. The use of the ropes by both wrestlers is key in their offence and defence. Carlito gained the upper hand hitting a Hurricanrana as a counter to The Brain Kendrick. The Tag Team Champion goes for the Backstabber; Kendrick is able to hold onto the top rope to block it. Then on the outside of the ring, without warning, after things between Jackson and Primo had seemed to cool down. Ezekiel grabs Primo and plants him on the floor with a The Book of Ezekiel. Carlito looks at his fallen partner. This allows The Brain Kendrick to run up behind him and hit The Kendrick to him to get the pinfall.

One ...
Two ...

== Winner via Pinfall at 11:30 – The Brain Kendrick ==

After the match, The Brain Kendrick gets a microphone and starts to address the crowd. Ezekiel Jackson joins him in the ring as he talks.

The Brain Kendrick:
I am a man with a plan. Remember that. Please let me welcome to the newest addition to the Raw Roster. My new slash old partner, Ezekiel Jackson.

The crowd boos Kendrick and Jackson as they stand in the ring.

The Brain Kendrick:
I told Josh earlier tonight that I had a plan. My plan came together. Me and Ezek are back together. Carlito and Primo are both laying out in the ring or outside of it.

The crowd start to chant ‘Kendrick Sucks.’ Brain just dances in the ring in time with the chanting.

The Brain Kendrick:
Oh yeah, I did that. Never question a man ... with a plan!

The Brain Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson leave the ring. The crowd boos them as they leave. Carlito rolls out of the ring to be beside Primo. The Champions look at what could possibly be their next challengers.

Michael Cole:
That was an impressive match there. Easily the best match of the night. It seems like the plan is coming together for The Brain Kendrick. He has removed his partnership with Ezekiel Jackson and is looking to challenge for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships.

Jerry Lawler:
I like them. They know what they are doing and why they are doing it for.

Backstage, a clip is shown of Vince McMahon walking down the hallways. He is using his classic strut down the passage. He looks cocky and confident.

Michael Cole:
Vince McMahon, the Owner of the WWE is up next. He will address these fans and answer their questions about ECW. I hope he clears up the WWE Championship picture. Because we are no closer to finding out who will be champion.

*** Commercial Break ***

** No Chance In Hell **

Michael Cole:
Vince McMahon is here ladies and gentleman. No more waiting, we find out now.

Large amounts of Boos can be heard by the crowd even before Vince walks out onto the stage. When he does venture out onto the stage, a wave crashes down on him of boos. Mr McMahon starts his signature high arm swing strut down to the ring. An evil grin is placed on the face of the Chairman and Owner of WWE as the crowd gives him more heat. Vince enters the ring and walks around looking for a microphone. The ring announcer Lillian Garcia hands Vince her microphone. Vince pauses for a second before opening his mouth.

Vince McMahon:

This only causes more boos to ring out from the crowd.

Vince McMahon:
You people should be cheering a visionary like me. Without me the WWE would not be where it is today.

The members of the crowd don’t like Vince talking himself up.

Vince McMahon:
I don’t care if you boo me. Because you all still come to my events. You all still pay to watch my shows. I don’t care if you don’t like me, because it’s all about the money.

Vince rubs is fingers together, he has a large smile on his face.

Vince McMahon:
It’s all about the money. Raw is making me Millions of Dollars. Smackdown is making me Millions of Dollars. ECW on the other hand, was costing me money. I don’t like it when I lose money.

The loyal fans in the crowd start to chant ‘ECW.’

Vince McMahon:
ECW is dead. I killed it in the past. I brought it back to like to keep you fans happy. Now I am killing it again to keep my bank books happy. It’s not about you, it’s all about me.

Vince looks out over the crowd and points to himself.

Vince McMahon:
It’s all about me for now on. It was always about me. I’ll be nice for once. The superstars on ECW, some, some will get drafted next week on Raw. I will allow Theodore Long and the Raw General Manager a chance to draft three wrestlers. The rest, the rest will all be ... FIRED!

Jerry Lawler is seen standing up and clapping Vince.

Vince McMahon:
Next week the superstars of ECW are going to get drafted by Theodore Long and the new Raw General Manager. Vickie Guerrero is no longer the General Manager of Raw. The way she has been behaving lately, she does not deserve to the General Manager.

For once, there is a small cheer in the crowd for Vince.

Vince McMahon:
The new General Manager will be announced right now. He is a former World Champion. He is an American Hero. He has made me a lot of money in the past. He is as Anti ECW as I am. The new General Manager of Raw is...

There is a pause from Vince. The crowd want to know who it is.

Michael Cole:
I wonder who it is going to be Jerry. I can’t think of anybody who fits that description.

Vince McMahon:
The New General Manager of Raw is ... John ... Bradshaw ... Layfield!

Vince sweeps his arms towards the stage. The crowd are in shock. The crowd begin to boo loudly as the New York Stock Exchange Bell is rung out of the arena. JBL comes out in his classical White Limousine with Bullhorns on the front. John exits his limousine and does the Texas Two Step before walking down to the ring. He is dressed in a brand new suit and is wearing his classic White Cowboy Hat. He soaks in the loud boos from the crowd. Vince stands in the clapping away. Mr Layfield gets his own microphone and enters the ring.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Thank you Mr McMahon for giving me a chance.

Vince McMahon:
No problem at all Mr Layfield.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
In case you people forgot, I am John Bradshaw Layfield. I am an American Hero and Wrestling GAWD!

This creates heat for JBL. He continues to speak, not caring he is getting bored.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
I have made Millions of dollars on the stock market making the right decisions. I pride myself on making those right decisions. I will continue to make those right decisions as the New General Manager of Raw.

The crowd jeer John as he speaks.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
My first point as General Manager is finding a new WWE Champion Somebody that can live up to the high stands that I set in 2004 and 2005. So over the next few weeks there will be a Tournament to crown a new champion. With the champion being decided at The ‘Great American’ Bash.

JBL does his best to confuse the crowd.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
I know that the Pay Per View is called The Bash. But from now on, on Raw I will be calling it the ‘Great American’ Bash. Simply because it will be the night where I will throw a Great American Bash, to celebrate me becoming the new General Manager of Raw.

The crowd boo JBL as they know that his Bashes are not fun and are just him talking himself up.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
I want to address John Cena and The Miz for a moment. There match will NOT take place at The ‘Great American’ Bash. They made the match when Raw was under control of Vickie Guerrero. This is John Bradshaw Layfields Raw. If they want to fight each other at the Pay Per View, then they will have to be the final two in the Tournament.

The crowd don’t like the fact that John Cena VS The Miz has been taken of The Bash’s Card.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Speaking of the Tournament. I have a few people I would like to announce who will compete in it. John Cena and The Miz are both in it. Randy Orton joins them also. MVP and Matt Hardy both get a chance to claim their first World Championships. The other three spots will be filled on next week on Raw. I like to keep things up my sleeve.

Vince steps in and starts to speak at JBL.

Vince McMahon:
Thank you John. But I always get the final say. With ECW dead. I want to shake things up. I wanted to create some more interest. So with that being said. The Unified Tag Team Champions will be a Raw only Title. So the Tag Teams from Smackdown will be drafted over. But Smackdown will not be missing out on anything. All the Divas from Raw will head over there. At Night of Champions, there will be a Title Unification Match. The Women’s Champion Vs The Diva’s Champion.

Vince and John are seen standing in the ring playing to the crowd. Holding their hands in the air.

Michael Cole:
The face of Raw has changed in a heartbeat. John Bradshaw Layfield is now the General Manager. The Diva’s are gone and the Tag Teams are in.

Jerry Lawler:
Puppies, puppies going away? I am not happy with that at all.

Michael Cole:
The WWE Championship picture is clearer to. We will have a Tournament to crown a new Champion. I wonder who will enter along side of John Cena, Randy Orton, The Miz, MVP and Matt Hardy. I guess we will have to wait until next week to find out. Watch as we come to you from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Raw ends with JBL and Vince McMahon still standing in the ring, with Red, White and Blue streamers falling down the ceiling of the Cajundome. The fans are booing in the background as we go off air.

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Some quick notes:
-Fair amount of spelling mistakes in here. I know you were rushing but spell check takes about 5 minutes
-JBL is an interesting choice for GM. I definitely see some potential there
-Santino using the cobra? Ugh
-I'm a Kendrick fan, so I'm glad you're pushing him
-Title tourney is a good idea imo
-Some of King's commentary seemed a bit off, and it was hard to tell if he was heel or face
-Some of the promos were a bit formal and awkward (ex. some of Miz's lines, the intro of Sim Snuka) but I think that will improve with time
-Your shows would be a lot easier to read if you broke up your paragraphs a bit more

Overall, not a bad start and there is certainly some promise, but there is room for improvement
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