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Ban 'who is the bigger star' threads and all variations

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It's about time someone with some power around here put a ban on making all threads that are shitting up General WWE and RAW sections like 'Is [insert name here] the biggest star ever' or 'Who is the bigger star?' and all its other pointless variations, there is nothing wrong with making a thread asking who you personally like better but these threads are completely pointless, they have nearly always been done before and all they contain is posters trying to pass off their personal opinion as 100% fact and descending into arguments and troll fests.
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Ban the threads or the posters who make them? Banning the posters seems a bit harsh unless they keep making them.

Anyway, this seems as good a place as any to put my 2 pence in as far as that discussion goes, it's either Hogan, Austin or Rock:

- Hogan was the man who more than any other popularised pro wrestling and brought it to the main-stream

- Austin was the man who drew more money (in the US at least) than any other.

- Rock was the man who, more than any other, was able to acchieve main-stream success outside of wrestling.

That to me settles the discussion, it's one of them and whichever you pick is valid for the reasons I used. There are plenty of other names that can be brought into the discussion, names such as El Santo, Antonio Inoki and Ric Flair but, for me, all fall behind the 3 WWF/E guys because their fame was localised and they never became as famous worldwide.
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