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WWE officially announced Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns last night on Friday Night SmackDown. In previous years, this would have been a feud saved for the Raw brand but it’s happening on SmackDown since the company is pushing that the blue brand is equal to Monday Night Raw.

Although Paul Heyman is handling creative on Raw every Monday night, he will have a hand in the Goldberg/Reigns build-up going into WrestleMania.

The WrestleVotes insider Twitter account noted that Goldberg and Reigns have a friendship with Heyman so that is why Heyman will be involved behind-the-scenes with whatever they do leading up to WrestleMania.

This is not a total surprise because Heyman was hands-on with Reigns’ previous storyline with Brock Lesnar and Heyman has been friendly with Reigns’ family for many decades. In regards to Goldberg, it was Heyman who helped to bring him back to WWE in 2016 and he’s been very careful to not book him in a way that would expose him.

The idea behind the booking of Goldberg is to book him as a special attraction similar to how Bruno Sammartino was booked in the early 80s when he came out of retirement for a handful of shows.

A lot has changed in the last week in regards to the WrestleMania card. Click here for the latest WrestleMania news and rumors.
Source: Backstage news on Paul Heyman's involvement with Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns match at WWE WrestleMania | Wrestling News
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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