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Monday Night Breakdown

April 18,2003
Boise, Idaho
Hosted by Tony.S and Bobby The Brain

The show starts of with slipknot playing and pyro going off as the soldout crowd goes nuts and now to the frist match.

1. Goldust VS Edge. Goldust wins after the Golden blow.

Talking- John Cena walks out and raps about Kane now he grabs a mic, I wanna face the big freak to a match at backlash if he is not scared to come down here and accepet the challege i juss made. Kane walks out with a good pop and steps in. I will face you at Backlash. Then grabs his neck but John Cena kicks him in the nuts and he goes down and John Cena leaves smiling.

Backstage- Rhyno walks into Eric Bishoffs`s room, Hey eric i was wondering about the Hardcore title and if thats even a title in WPW. Bishoff gets up says, It is a title and you can pick your man to face at Backlash. Ryhno thinks about it and says, I want to face my ECW friend Lance Storm. Bishoff says, OK he is you man you will face at Backlash now can you leave please.

2. Billy Kidman VS Raven. Billy Kidman wins by DQ after Rey Myestrio.

Backstage- Christain is getting ready for his match and then Test walks in and says, I got your back so dont worry about losing tonight. Christain smiles. alright you got my back and i wont lose. ok i better not loes and then he walks out.

3. Scott Steiner VS Christain. Christain wins after Test Interferes in the match to make Scott Steiner.

Backstage- Scott Steiner is looking for Test and is also yelling, asking people where he is. Then Christain comes up from behind and beats him down with a chair and then runs off.

Backstage- Ric Flair Warming up Triple H. Triple H says, I am the game and i will beat down that guy with out a tooth and walk into backlash and win the World Pro Wrestling Championship Gold around my waist. Ric Flair says, yes u will i will be at your side and no one and i mean no one will interfere in that match kuz im there to watch ur back.

4. Triple H VS Chris Benoit. Triple H wins after his finsher and is in the finals.

Backstage- Booker T is Getting ready for his match and then RVD comes in and says, I just wanted to say good luck and let the best man win tonight. And they both shake hands.

5. Booker T VS Rob Van Dam. Booker T wins after Book End and will face Triple H at Backlash.

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Thursday Night Mayhem

April 21, 2003
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Hosted by Tony.S Jerry Lawler

The Show starts off with Linkin Park Playing and pyro going and then chris jericho walks with lots of boos.

Talking- Chris Jericho walks in the ring and get a mic, Since i lost in the tourny i wanna be the number 1 contender to who ever wins the match at backlash. Then RVD walks out to a really big pop and says, I should be the Number 1 Contender because i am much better wrestler than you. Chris Jericho says, HAHA thats a joke right im from Canada where the best wrestlers come from so im going to be the number 1 conten................ Vinne Mac comes out and comes in to the ring and says, About you too wrestle for it at backlash to be the number 1 contender and you both cant say no to that. They both say alright and leave the ring.

1. Randy Orton VS Goldust. Goldust wins after the Golden blow.

2. Matt Hardy VS Jamie Noble. Matt Hardy after a swanton bomb.

Talking- Undertaker walks out and there are a lot of boos in the crowd and steps into the ring and get a mic and says. I will beat Nathan Jones this sunday and teach him a lesson that he as never felt in is life or in wrestling and this is going to be a fun match for me and nathan jones im glad u pick no hold barred match because im going to use all the weapons on you. Then Nathan Jones comes from behind and hits him with a bat and keeps going and then leaves.

Backstage- Triple H and Ric Flair are talkin about there match tonight with the Dudleys. Then we go to Scott Steiner beatin up by test again.

3. William Regal VS Batista. Batista wins after a powerbomb.

Backstage-Undertaker is looking for Nathan jones and sees him outside the parking lot and then gets him and they fight for 4 min and then refs come and stop.

4. Raven VS Edge. Edge wins after his finsher.

Backstage-La France is singer there anthem and then they make fum of america until The Dudleys come in and beat them up and say that they will win the tag titles.

Backstage- Scott Steiner walks into Tests looker room and beats him up and then Christain come from behind and beats him up until Jeff Jarrett comes from behind and beats both of them up.

Backstage- Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner ask Bishoff if they could have a match with Test and Christain tonight. Bishoff says yes.

5. Rhyno VS Hurricane. Rhyno wins with the gore twice.

6. Jeff Jarrett/Scott Steiner VS Test/Christain. Winner Test and Christain after Test pinned Scott Steiner.

7. Triple H/Ric Flair VS The Dudley Boys. Triple H and Ric Flair after Triple H pinned D-Von. After the match booker t came down and look face to face with Triple H and Ric Flair Low Blowed Booker T and they both beat them until the Dudley Boys came down ran them off.

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April 24, 2003
Denver, Colordo
Hosted by Tony.S Bobby The Brain


The show starts off with Linkin Park "Session" playing while the pyro goes off and the crowd is standing up. And then Tony and Bobby start off with the PPV.

Tony- Welcome to our frist PPV and we got great matches for you tonight like the WPW World Heavyweight Championship between Triple H and Booker T.

Bobby- Triple H will win that match but neways we also got the Six Man Battle Royal between Billy Gunn, Randy Orton, Eddie Guerrero, Raven, A-Train, and last but not least Edge.

Tony- We also got the U.S Title match with Jeff Jarrett taking on Christain and the Hardcore title between Rhyno and Lance Storm.

Bobby- The Tag Team Titles will be on the line tonight also between my favrite tag team in the world La France and the Dudley boys. Undertaker will face his student Nathan Jones in a No Holds Barred match.

Tony- Crusierweight title is on the line between two great men from WCW Rey Myestrio and Billy Kidman. Kane will take on John Cena. Scott Steiner will take on test also tonight.

Bobby- And there is on more match you forgot to say the Number one contender match for the world title, Rob Van Dam and the king of the world Chris Jericho.

Tony- To our frist match now with Scott Steiner and Test.

Test walks out with a lot of boos and then flicks off the crowd and Scott Steiner walks out with a great pop and enters the ring.

1. Scott Steiner VS Test. Scott Steiner wins after Test taps out.

Tony- What a match that was Bobby Scott Steiner made that boy tap like a girl.

Bobby- Scott Steiner had to win by tap and cant win by pinfall what a loser he is.

Tony- You juss mad at Scott steiner cuz he won the match.

Backstage- Billy Kidman- I will win the match tonight against Rey Myestrio and become the Crusierweight Champion of the world. And become the the frist Crusierweight champion in WPW history. Then He walks out.

Rey Myestrio Walks out to a loud pop and claps the hand of the crowd and enters the ring and get on the turnbuckle. Kidman music hits and walks out to boos and juss keeps walking to the ring

2. Crusiereight Title- Rey Myestrio VS Billy Kidman. Rey Myestrio wins after a 619 and the west coast pop.

Tony- I guess Kidman aint the frist Crusierweight champion in WPW history haha.

Bobby- I dont think thats funny Tony. Kidman will get a rematch sometime in the future, juss takes time stupid/

Tony- whatever u say Bobby but lets go backstage where Gene has Rhyno.

Backstage- Rhyno- I will go into that ring and beat down that boring lance storm like a dog.‚ham going to use every weapon in that ring and under the ring it is going to be a bloody match juss like the old ECW days. Then they go to Lance Storm.
Lance Storm- Rhyno does not know what he talkin about. I could have been ECW World Champion until it was bought. Im going in there and beat him down.

Rhyno walks down with a alright pop and ECW ECW! chants and gets in the ring and raises his arms. Lance Music hits and walk out with boos and walks out with the canada flag and then walks inside the Ring/

3. Hardcore Title- Rhyno VS LAnce Storm. Rhyno wins after a gore through a table.

Tony- What a Hardcore Match. That was like ECW, That ring his a mess.

Bobby- That was a good match but Rhyno won the match that sucks ass but neways our next match is the tag team match between LA FRANCe and the dudley boys.

The pyro explods and then the dudley boys come out to the biggest pop of the night and start to sing the national anthem until the La France walk out to the biggest heat of the night then start the match.

4. Tag Team Championship- La France VS The Dudley Boys. La France win after Rene Dupree pins D-Von. After the Match the La France men start to sing the France Anthem until Bubba Ray hits him from behind and raise the American Flag above them.

Tony- Damn the Freanch. They won the match and now there Tag Team Champions thats juss sucks.

Bobby- Man Stop ur talking. France is juss better than America everybody knows and i know. There the best in the world juss get that through your damn head tony.

Tony- Yeah Yeah. lets got backstage where Gene is talkin to the new world Tag Team Champions.

Backtage- Gene- How does it fell to be the frist and new Tage Team Champions.
La France- It feels good you old american bold man. We new we would beat the Americans like that. Everyone that we were loser and that we are scared of americans. Ha not true, now we got to go and have a party and no Americans are coming the party.
Gene Lets go to the coach where he is talkin to John Cena.
Coach- John Cena, you will be facing a big red man next up how do u....
John Cena-..... Shut up, I am going to win that much like its writing a rap on a peace of paper. So i will walk out that match a winner dowg now im going to the ring.

Kane walks to a good pop and then Pyro goes off and then walk into the ring. John Cena walks out and get a great heat and raps about kane a kane gets mad.

5. John Cena VS Kane. Kane wins after a Chokeslam and Powerbomb.

Tony- That was a good match and i knew John Cena was going to lose kuz hes to small against Kane.

Bobby- Shut up Tony u talk alot of junk and your are a skinny bitch, ass hole.

Tony- Whatever Bobby, look at you, you are a very and i mean a very fat man. but lets go backstage where Coach has Undertaker.

Backstage- Coach- Tonight u have a match with your student Nathan jones. Do you think Nathan jones has what it takes to beat you.
Undertaker- No he does not have what it takes to beat the dead man tonight thats funny Coach. I am going to beat Nathan Jones badly and teach him what i never tought him in class before. Thats all i got to say coach.

Nathan Jones walks out with a mad face and with a great pop and gets in the ring and then lights go out here comes the Undertaker walking out and the crowd booing him heavyly and Undertaker smiling at Nathan Jones and gets in the Ring.

6. No Holds Barred- Nathan Jones VS Undertaker. Undertaker wins after a last ride in the ladder in top of the table.

Tony- I guess Undertaker did teach him a lesson that he never tought him in class. Well its messing in that ring, thats going to take a while.

Bobby- Im Glad that undertaker showed who the boss or should i say teacher is tonight and use everything on him like he said but Nathan Jones also got some hit on him and i gave Nathan Jones Respect.

Tony- To Our next match, which is the IC Battle Royal.

Billy Gunn walks out to some boos and gets in the ring then Raven walks out to some boos also. Edge walks out to the biggest pop of the night then A-Train walks out to alot of boos then Randy Orton walks out to some boos and then gets in the ring. Eddie Guerrero walks out to a big pop and gets in the ring.

7. Six IC Battle Royal- Edge VS Eddie Guerrero VS A-Train VS Billy Gunn VS Raven VS Randy Orton. Raven wins after he throws out Billy Gunn last.

Tony- What a match that was i wanna see that again but we got some other matches.

Bobby- UH DUH u are so dumb but yeah lets get the other matchs done.

Tony- YOur right Bobby.

Backstage- Gene- Jeff Jarrett, u will face Christain tonight.
Jeff Jarrett- I know Slap Nuts i am going to win the match and i m going to right now kuz im wasting time.

Jeff Jarrett walks out to the ring with a good pop and he is with his Geetar and then Christain walks out to the ring with alot of boos.

8. U.S Title- Jeff Jarrett VS Christain. Jeff Jarrett wins after he hits him with a Geetar when the ref was out.

Tony-What a match but Jarrett had to cheat to win but thats ok kuz Christain Sucks neways.

Bobby- Uh no Christain rules, and Jarrett has to cheat to win but i like him too.

Tony- Yea lets go to Coach where Chris Jericho is.

Backstage- Coach- Tonight You and Rob Van Dam will go one on one to see who will be the number on contender for the world title will be.
Jericho- I kno that coach i aint stupid but neways i am going to win that much likes its nothin. I am going to get my Title shot against whoever wins tonight.

Rob Van Dam walks out to the loudest pop of the night and gets in the ring and does the RVD with the crowd. Chris Jericho walk out and get booed and get in the ring and gets in his face.

9. Number 1 Contender for World Title- Rob Van Dam VS Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho wins after the lion tamer and the crowd was into it very much.

Tony- That was like the best match of the night but Chris Jericho won the match that sucks.

Bobby- That was a good match and im happy that Chris Jericho did win the match kuz he is the king of the world. But our main even is comin up next for the World Championship.

Tony- That is right Bobby. Lets go backstage with Gene.

Backstage- Gene- Triple H, you will wrestling for the the World Chapmionship aganist Booker T, u think u will win the match?
Triple H- I will win this match i got my buddie with me Ric Flair. I am going in there and beat him down 1..2..3 and become the world champion for WPW because i am the game.
Gene- ok, thank you Triple H lets go to coach that has Booker T with him.

Coach- Well Booker T your in the main event and it for the World title.
Booker T- yeah i kno sucka and i am going to win that title and i kno Triple H and Ric Flair are going to cheat a bit so i am going to try my hardest to win the match so uhm CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKAAAAAA?

Triple H comes out with Ric Flair and they got the biggest Heat of them all and then he get all the rope and spits out water then CAN YA DIG IT SUCKA plays and out comes Booker T and with the Biggest pop of the night and then he gets in and now there face to face.

10. WPW World Heavyweight Chapionship- Booker T VS Triple H. They both pounch back and forth for a couple a seconds and then Triple H gets the offense going. Then Booker T hits him with a closeline and takes control. 8 MINS Later he is going to do the axe kick then Triple H ducks and hits the REF then Ric Flair comes in and they doulbe team on him.Then Someones music his playind and then Kevin Nash comes running and now he is back after 7 months and big boots ric Flair and looks at Triple H grabs his hair then kicks him in the gut and Powerbombs him and then leaves the ring. Booker T gets up and does the Book End and then the ref is up and counts 1.........2.........3 and rings the bell as Booker T is trying to get up. The Ref gives him the belt and Booker T celebrates with the Crowd and then end of ppv.

Tony- Well thats all for tonight people see you tomorrow on Breakdown.

What you think of the show 1 out of 10 and what you think was the best match WOULD HAVE YOU OrDER IT. REPLY PLEASE.
Dont Forget to read Breakdown.

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uh that sucks it's too bad to rate. you don't even bother writing out all the matches just some shitty commentary at who won, and keep your shows in one thread.

sorry to double but here are tips

your promo's suck seriously put more realism and real spelling into them

write out the matches instead of commentating who won
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