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Awful wrestling posters

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What are the worst indie wrestling posters you have ever seen?

Most look like they are made on paint, but some even make them look like works by Banksy.

I'll go with this one and it has nothing to do with them recently wishing me well in my future endeavours, but the fact they are absolutely terrible posters.

Example, MCW presents "MCW"...

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Whoever is behind AIW's graphics should be shot in the nuts. It seems there's been improvement as of late, but it's still quite shit if you ask me.
Their DVD Menus on Absolution V were fucking terrific in fairness. Really small local Indies might have an excuse for it (granted it's not hard if you can find someone who can work a photo editing program on his computer) but when bigger companies like ROH & TNA produce piles of shit like they have it's just a sheer embarassment.
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