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Awful wrestling posters

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What are the worst indie wrestling posters you have ever seen?

Most look like they are made on paint, but some even make them look like works by Banksy.

I'll go with this one and it has nothing to do with them recently wishing me well in my future endeavours, but the fact they are absolutely terrible posters.

Example, MCW presents "MCW"...

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Holy shit, that show has THE 'supertroll'! OMG OMG
I booed him like crazy and called him the worst dad ever. I also booed his family when he pointed to them and said they were there. His opponent responded by saying he was a worse father than Chris Benoit. It was pretty hilarious.

The match might not have been all that great but it was a blast to watch on DVD (which I won via raffle at a later show).
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