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This is the first ever episode of the AWF. here are the modifications for the AWF. It will be a 4 week system starting in January. There will be 2 shows a Raw and a Smackdown. The wrestlers to fill the gap for Raw and SD will be the Wrestlers from the old wwf and the new wwe. The Gm's will be me who is going to do Raw and who ever wants to do SD. Each ppv will have matches of the 2 brands and some interpromotinoal matches from Raw vs. SD. Let the show begin.

vince - for the first time ever The AWF will open its eyes to the world and shock its competitors. Here at the AWF we will bring you grade A wrestling from the best of the Best from HHH to Holk Hogan. Tonight we will decide Raw and Sd's fate as they choose there directions for the future. It will be history in the making from day one till the day we die. this my friends is the All time Wrestling Federation.

pyro hits the stage. the sound of the fireworks rings through out the arena. the camera runs wildly and the fans in the audience are going wild.

JR: welcome every one to Monday Night Raw here on the AWF. brought to you here by ringside with me and the king.

King: were back and were better than ever folks as tonight we start the dawn of the new era here in the AWF. also with us is the announce team from SD Tazz and Cole. Hey guys how u doin

Cole: great King. Tazz I know that you are as anxcious as tonight our GM. Teddy Long will choose the fate for us at SD.

Tazz: I know cole I just wonder who he is going to pick first. because from now on what he picks will decide our fate.

Vinces music

Fans: yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Vinny, Vinny, Vinny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Vince: well I gues the WWE learned the hard way. And that is that you never mess with a McMahon.

Fans: Vinny Mac !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The camera shows the 2 podem stands at the sides of the stage.

Vince: which leads me to my next point. Eric, Teddy get out here and lets start the draft.

Eric and Teddy both come out to standing ovations.

Vince: Since we did a coin flip backstage Raw will get the first Ever pick of the AWF.

Eric: with pleasure. The person to lead Raw for the future is going to be.... HHH.

Teddy : that was a wise pick eric but your forgettin one thing and that is that you can choose wrestlers from the past and present. So with My first pick I will choose the immortal one Holk Hogan.

Eric: Thanks for the advice teddy so with my next pick I will choose Randy Savage.

Teddy: I choose The Rock.

Eric: Brock Lesnar

Teddy: the Ultimate Warrior

Raw: Brett Hart

SmackDown: the Undertaker

Raw: Mick Foley

SD: Andre the Giant

R: Jimmy Superfly Snucka

SD: Rowdy Rowddy Piper

R: Don Muracco

SD: Ric Flair

R: the British Bulldog

SD: Mr. Perfect

R: Ted diabiasse

SD: Kane

R: John Cena

SD: Kurt Angle

R: Randy Orton

SD: Chris Jericoh

R: Chris Benoit

SD: Eddie Guerro



R: Batista



SD: Chrsitian

R: Booker T

SD: Rey Mysterio

R: the Big Show

SD: La Resistance

R: Rene Dupree

SD: The Dudleyz

R: Rhyno

SD: the Legion OF Doom

R: Paul London & Billy Kidman

SD: Tajiri

vince: were getting down to our last ten picks

Raw: Heidenrich and Heyman

SD: Charlie Hass and Miss Jackie

Raw: Eugene & Regal

SD: Shelton Benjaman

Raw: Rick Rude

SD: Oriental Express with Mr. Fiji

Raw: Owen Hart

SD: Rosey

R: Hurricane

SD: Mark Henery

R: Trish Stratus

SD: Torrie Wilson

R: Victoria

SD: Gail Kim

R: Molly Holly

SD: Dawn Marie

R: Lita

SD: Jazz

R: Sabel

SD: with the last pick in the AWF Smackdown will draft Ivory

JR: King our first show will be in Long Island, New York

Cole: Tazz our first show will be in LA on the west Cost.

King: Our first PPV will be NO WAY OUT in Miami, Florida.

JR: See you next week. Siging off this is JR and this king good night every body.

The Roster for Raw:

Randy Savage
Brock Lesnar
Brett the hit man hart
Mick Foley
Jimmy the Superfly Snucka
Don Muracco
Davey boy Smith the British Bulldog
John Cena
Randy Orton
Chris Benoit
Booker T
Rene Dupree
Paul London & Billy Kidman
Hiedenrich and Heyman
Eugene and Regal
Rick Rude
Owen Hart
Sid Vicious
Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy
Trish Stratus
Molly Holly

The roster for Smackdown:

Hulk Hogan
Ultimate Warrior
Million Dollar Man Ted diabiasse
Andre the giant
Rowdy Rowddy Piper
Ric Flair
Mr. Perfect
Big Show
Kurt Angle
Chris Jericoh
Eddie Guerro
Rey Mysterio
La Resistance
The Dudley Boyz
The legion of Doom
Texas Tornado
Charlie Hass and Miss Jackie
Shelton Benjaman
Nasty Boys with Jimmy Hart
Rosey and Jamal aka 3 minute warning
The Hurricane
Torrie Wilson
Gail Kim
Dawn Marie
The inchiable scherrie

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There has been a trade involving SD and RAW. Here are the details. In which case Raw will send the million dollar man ted diabiasse and The Big show in exchange for the Undertaker and Kane.

SD has made 3 free agent moves to strengthen there roster. SD has dropped Ivory, Tajiri, and Mark Henery in exchange for pyscho sid vicious, the texas tornado, and the inchiable sherrie.

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Raw's Wrestling Card - 1st week

1. Paul London and Billy Kidman vs. Hardy Boys

2. Rene Dupree vs. the British Bulldog

3. Randy "Macho Man" Savage vs. Batista

4. Undertaker vs. Kane

5. Randy Orton vs. HHH
January - 1st week - AWF - RAW - Nassau Colliseum - Long Island, New York

video package - HHH stretching and flexing his muscles, John Cena pretending to rap, The Mach Man Randy Savage yelling out oooooooooooohhhhhhhh Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh.The Undertaker kneeling down on one knee and holding his hand out in the undertaker sign, Brock Lesnar showing intensity and agression to a hard rock themed background music.

Pyro hits the stage 10 times. The camera runs wildly around the arena showing a packed out house at the colliseum.

JR: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw here at a jam packed nassau colliseum. Next to me folks is my long time announce partner Jerry the King Lawler.

King: I am so excited about tonight JR.

JR: why is that King?

King: Well simply because we have so much great matches taking place here tonight in that very ring. I mean we got The Undertaker taking on Kane, and to top it all off we got HHH taking on Randy Orton. I have a feeling that this is going to be a night that non of us will ever forget. JR.

Eric Bischoff 's Music

Fans: booo!!!!!!!, you Suck Eric!, go home no one wants you here!

Eric grabs the mic from Lillian Garcia.

Eric: It's great to be here in the rotten stink hole called Long Island!.

Fans: Asssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllleeeee.

Eric with a look of disgust on his face. looks at the crowd in anger.

Eric: the only thing that is more pathetic than you fans are your New York Mets.

Fans: half booed and half cheered as some of the fans were obviously yankee fans.

Eric: well never the less we got a great show for you people tonight.

Paul London and Billy Kidmans Music

as Bischoff is walking off the stage he bumps into Paul London which knocks Bischoff on to his ass. London and Kidman get on the turnbuckles and the crowd gives them no response. London and Kidman get off the ropes and do some warmups.

Hardy Boyz Music

Matt and Jeff come out to a roar of cheers from the long island crowd. Matt and Jeff holds there fingers up to there faces and does the version 1 signs. Matt and Jeff run into the ring and scare Billy and Paul out of the ring.

Earl Hebner tells the timekeep to ring the bell. and the match has begun. Billy starts the match against Jeff. The two lock up in the middle of the ring. Billy overpowers Jeff as Kidman pushes jeff to the turnbuckles. Kidman tags in his partner London. Kidman throws Hardy to the other side of the the ring and throws London towards Hardy where London clotheslines hardy where London throws Jeff to Kidman. Kidman picks Hardy up and proceeds to give hardy the low down. With Hardy down on the ground Kidman pulls Hardy towards the turnbuckle. Kidman gets on the top rope. He points at Hardy and flys in the air and lands the shooting star press on Hardy. London knocks down Matt from his corner of the ring and beats Matt down so Kidman could get the pin. The Cameras show lita running down to the ring. Kidman covers Jeff Hardy for the pin. the ref counts 1......2..... then as the ref was about to count the three. Lita pulls Jeff's foot towards ropes which for now saved the match for the Hardyz. Billy is shocked as he thought he had the three count. Billy stands up in anger. Then he finds out why he didnt get the three as he looks at Lita. Hardy slowy gets up from the shooting star. Lita tries to run away from Kidman as she goes into the ring when Kidman grabs Lita's hair. Jeff gets up. He kicks Kidman in the midsection which stuns kidman. Lita gets out of the ring. Jeff grabs Billies head and proceeds to give Billy a twist of fate. The crowd cheers in approval as Hardy climbs to the top rope. Jeff raises his hand in the version 1. Jeff flys through the air and lands the swantime bomb on the chest of Billy Kidman. Hardy covers Kidman. But the ref wont count because the ref says that he is not the legal man. But Matt throws Paul into the ring. Matt lifts Paul up. Matt tells jeff to get on the top rope. Matt grabs the head of London and does his own version of the twist of Fate and as soon as Matt did the twist Jeff flew in the air and landed on Paul London as he landed the swantime bomb. The ref counts 1..... 2...... and 3. The Hardyz have won the match.

Backstage: Eric tells the coach to interview the Undertaker about his match tonight against Kane.

Coach: Eric I dont feel to comfortable about finding the Undertaker to do an interview.

Eric: Well get comfortable coach because if you dont interview the Undertaker. YOUR FIRED!!!!!!.

commercial - for the AWF the incoming schedual is shown going to the cities that are closest to you. and also a comercial debuting a new big mac commercial for McDonalds.

King: this next match will feature the battle of the dogs at Rene dupree will take on Davey Boy Smith.

Rene Duprre's Music

Rene walks down the stage with his poodle Fifi. Rene laughs at the American crowd. The crowd throws garbage at the barking Dog Fifi.

King: thats no way to behave to a dog. the quality of Fifi the poodle.

Rene ties Fifi to the posts of the ring.

The Music of the British Bulldog.

Davy boy smith comes out to alot of cheers as he waives to the crowd and shakes the hands of the people.

davey enters the ring and waits for the bell to ring.

Rene looks at Davey with venom in his eyes. The two walk around each other. Rene runs towards Davey tthe british bulldog but as he hits the bulldog he gets knocked down as davey didnt move from the shoulderblock by rene. Rene tries to do another shoulder block but is knocked down again. Fustrated, Rene slaps Davey in the face. reacting to the slapp. The british bull dog delivers some hard right hands to the face of dupree. sending Dupree to the corner davey continues on punching Rene till he is dazed and hurt. With a glazed look in the eyes of the frenchmen Davey gives rene a running clothesline to the corner of the ring knocking him down. signaling for the end. Davey gives Rene a bull dog then he picks up Dupree and delivers a running powerslam. Davey covers the frenchman and the count 1.......2..... and Dupree kicks out at 2 and a half. Davey cant believe it. he lifts dupree up again but then as he was about to powerslam him. Davey's bull dog broke away from his leash. when daveies back was turned from the concern of the dog. Dupree gave a low blow to the groin of the bull dog when the ref's back was turned. The ref counts 1.....2......3. and Dupree steals one from the bite of the Bulldog.

Backstage: The coach continues his search for the Undertaker.

Coach: excuse me have you seen the Undertaker around here.

backstage guy: not recently but I have herd some strange noises coming from the boiler room.

Coach: Thanks

Coach opens the door to the boiler room. and finds a grosly scene. It was Mean Gean Oakerland making out with Moulah and Mae Young.

Coach: Mean Gean what are you doing?

Mean Gean: what in heavens do you mean coach I am here for Raw

Coach: then what is that lipstick mark on your forhead?

Mean Gean: Gotta go Coach.

Mae Young: come back in here we still got some sexuall businees to take care of.

KING: ahhhhh! It's dinosaur love JR.

JR: lol

King: thats disgusting how can you laugh at that.

JR: what ever the case we stiil got great action to take care of.

Macho Man's Music

shaking the hand of the fans.

Randy enters the ring and grabs the mic.

Randy: I want everybody to freak out and party because the Mach Man is in the Building OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAHHH.

Batista's Music

Batista enters the stage snarlign at the people and giving them the finger. The afns response was that of an angry response.

The match opens with Randy and Batista locking up in the middle of the ring. batista winning the strenght ocntest pushes Randy to the turnbuckle with ease. Randy with a confused look on his face tries to lock up wiht Batista again But Batista pushes Randy to the turnbuckle again. Batista selling his strength to the people flexes his muscles and shows his cokyness to the crowd.As the macho man cant win the strength contest he delivers some hard haymakers to the face of the Batista. Randy Runs to the ropes and tries to clothesline Batista but cant be knocked down as he is wobling by Mach man's shot. ht tries it again and batista gets even more wobly but when he tried it a 3rd time he finally got some success as batista was knocked down. Batista gets back up and is met with a manhattan drop. to the groin. The Mach Man climbs up to the top rope. He measures Batista up and jumps in the sky. But as he tried to put an axe handel to the head of Batista he was met with a puch to the stomach as he reversed the move. Batista grabs the macho man and plants him between his legs. Batista lifts him up and powerbombs him on his way down. Macho Man is out cold. Batista covers him the ref counts. the 1..... 2..... 3. batista gets the convincing win.

Back Stage: The coach finds Kane before his match with the Undertaker.

Coach: Kane what are you going to do against your brother?

Kane: what I always do with my opponent. and that is Kill them but this time it will be the last time that you people see my brother alive because after tonight I wil destroy my brother ounce and for all. Out of my way.

Kane's Music

As soon as the music hit the arena the fire ran up on the stage and created a fire wall. and When Kane entered the ring He raised his arms and flew them down with passion as fire came out of the ring posts.

Kane waiting for his brother. Untill the lights went out and a dong hit the arena.

Undertakers music

Thundrebolts appeared on the jumbo screen. then men dressed in shroubes came out with fire lit tourches lit the way. Then when all the men were lined up The Undertaker appeared to the roar of the fans. Taker slowly walked down the ramp. He stepped on the stairs. When the Undertaker raised his arms the Arena was lit back up.

The match started with Kane charging at his brother delivereing some hard punches to the face of his brother. Kane threw the taker to the ropes and drew a big boot to the face of the Undertaker knocking him down. kane started laughing and saying to the crowd that this is your Undertaker. Then the Undertaker stood up and Kane looked at the Undertaker with wide eyes and a shocked look. The Undertaker got up quickly and started punching Kane to the turnbuckle taking the wind out of Kane. the Undertaker grabed Kane's wrist and walked across the ropes like it was a tight rope. Then when the Undertaker got to the middle of the rope, He stopped and delivered some Old school to Kane. Undertaker waiting for Kane to get up flashed the sign like he was waiting to chokeslam. Kane got up, The undertaker grabed the throat of Kane and delivered a massive Chokeslam to Kane. The Undretaker wasnt finished he flashed a cut throat sign. Kane got back up and lifted Kane up. The Undertaker centered Kane and pulled off a Tombstone to Kane. The ref counted the 1..........2.........3.

After Kane was escorted out of the ring The Undertaker kneeled down on one knee and lifted his hand in the air and did the undertaker sign.

commercial: aired the new nike nicks it was a dark green with black color. coming in reatil stores in 3 weeks.

Backstage: HHH looking into his dressing room mirror before his match

HHH: I brought you into the worl Randy Now it is time that I take you Out.

Randy Orton's Music

Randy comes out onto the stage witha sledge hammer. the crowd is cheering for Orton as he waits to face the game.

HHH Music

HHH comes out to the crowd spitting water to the crowd then throws the water bottle into the crowd. HHH gets in the ring and waits for the match to start.

The ref rings the bell. The two walk around each other trying to gain the advantage of the lock up. HHH tries to grab Orton but Orton turrns behind the game. and as soon as HHH turned around Randy catches the game with a standing dropkick to the face. HHH got back up and Randy Delivered a upercut to the face of the game sending him to the turnbuckles. Randy walks over to HHH and gives the game 10 punches to the head. making the game dizzy and drozzy. HHH wisley got out of the ring after being attacked by Orton.

out comes Eric Bischoff

Eric: HHH what in the hell do you think your doing? So you cant excape lower that very cage.

JR: Hell Yeah

King: this is fair

JR: Folks we will be right back

commercials: Subway commercial debuting it's new turkey fresh sandwich. ummmmmmmm sounds like good eating.

The cameras show HHH punching the face of Randy Orton by the turnbuckles. HHH kicks orton in the midsection knocking him down to the lower turnbuckle. HHH then stomps on Orton's face pushing it towards the cage. With Orton down on the ground HHH stretches the face of Orton. HHH laughs at Orton. HHH picks up Orton and tries to throw him into the steel of the cage but Orton reverses it and instead of Orton's face HHH's face is being smeared against the steel. HHH is starting to bleed. Orton attacks the face of the game with venom in his eyes. Orton picks up the game but Orton gets a thumb to the eyes. HHH jumps up in the air and crashes down with Orton's face on the games knee. HHH kicks a dizzy orton in the stomach and sets up for a pedigree. The game plants Orton right between his legs he picks up his arms but Orton reverses the pedigree into a back drop. HHH gets back up. Orton walks slowly towards the game and lands the RKO on the game. Randy thinks about pinning the game but he walks slowly towards the cage. Orton tells the other ref to open the cage. Orton turns around and looks at the game and delivers another RKO. HHH looks to be out cold as the crowd goes wild. Orotn goes to the cage door. The ref opens the cage door. and Orton walks out the winner.

JR: Randy has just upsetted the game. This has to be one of the biggest Upsets in the history of Randy Orton's life.

King: This is not fair.

Fans: Yea, yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Raannnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddy ORRTTON. Rannnnnnnnnnnnnnndyyyyyyyyyyyyy OORRRRRTTONN. yeah!!!!!!

The cameras show Orton walking up the ramp and flashing HHH with the legend killer sign.

Show Ends.

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Raw and Sd have agreed upon the following trade.
Raw will send:
The Hurricane

in exchange for

SD will send:
sid vicious

The reason why SD made this move was to cut salary. as they shifted sid's contrcat which was 1.2 million for 2 years in exchange for Hurricanes Contract which was 500k for 2 years

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