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- Friday, August 20th and Saturday, August 21st, 2010 at the Les Hansmen Community Center in Morley, WA!

NHPW Hardcore Resurrection 2010 Fight Card Announced so far:

NHPW Hi-Fi Championship Match: "Australian Gothic" Heritor (WA) vs. "Straight Edge" David Hawk (SA)

Fatal 4-Way Match: "Maori Warrior" Tama Williams (NZ) vs "Playa from the Himalayas" Sonjay Dutt (INDIA) vs "The Epitome of Cool" Percy T (WA) vs Mystery Opponent.

Indygurlz Match: Bombshell Bo (NSW) vs "Australian Beauty" Jessie McKay (NSW) vs "Former TNA Knockout Champion" Awesome Kong (US).

High Risk Revolution
Much occurred at NHPW's Hardcore Resurrection - one blatant problem is the continual nuisance of the group known as High Risk Revolution. This group led by "Cannonball" Kris Taylor with their mouthpiece Blake "The Man" Mitchell, young monster Benjie The Clown and the young rebel simply known as Hallmark.

This group stomped their authority on the Main Event of this show by blasting both Viper and Kabel after the pinfall. The question has to be asked though, where was Tapu? He was scheduled to be in the match but no showed - as did Mana who has been injured long term.

Dheli has received this message - At Southern Impact, One of the members of Killswitch Krew are challenging High Risk Revolution to a match - No Rules !!!. Will the Adelaide hot heads accept? We shall see, but we know KSK will be ready.

Percy T and Jessie McKay
Percy was over the moon last show by winning his match but more importantly showing the world his new girlfriend - the Lovely Jessie McKay. Percy had a bit of an extra spring in his step and was able to get a pinfall in his match against Tama Williams and Blake Mitchell. This did come at a cost though as Tama Williams organised one of Percys old demons to pop up in the form of Bombshell Bo.

Last time Bombshell Bo was in NHPW she pinned Percy T while he was partnering with International Superstar Mercedes Martinez. Hearing of Percy pledging his love to Jessie McKay has sent Bombshell into a frenzy in which she has warned Percy she will shred Jessie McKay apart. Tama has obviously been pushing buttons on Bombshell Bo and now it will be interesting to see how this tandem rivalry heats up and how this affects both the NHPW Men's Division and INDYGURLZ Women's Division. Both these pair offs most certainly will want to stake claim as the Future of NHPW .... who will succeed? We will wait and see.

Also on the card: Apocalypse, The Reality, KSK, and much more.
More matches to be announced.



Friday, August 20th 2010 AND
Saturday, August 21st 2010
Venue: Les Hansman Community Centre
Morley, WA

Tickets: $25 Adults
$15 Children
Family Ticket (Single Night) - 2 Adults / 2 Children $50 (Save $30)
Family Ticket (Both Nights) - 2 Adults / 2 Children $90 (Save $70)
Please Note *All Family Tickets are pre sale only - will not be available week of the show*.

For all Ticketing Inquiries Contact :
Phone: 0412372631
Email: [email protected]
Tickets can also be made payable by Paypal to [email protected].
*Card Subject to Change*
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