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Hey Fellas,
I am starting Up mi own Be The Booker.

This is my pay-per-view schedule.

Jan: Battle Lines ( Separate)
Feb: Call Of the Wild (Separate)
Mar: Feel the Burn (Joint)
Apr: Guilty Pleasure (Separate)
May: Backlash (Separate)
Jun: Summerslam (Joint)
Jul: The Great Big Bash
Aug: Judgment Day
Sep: Survivor Series
Oct: Armageddon
Nov: No Mercy
Dec: Christmas In Hell

Champions before show:
WHC: Triple H
IC: Shelton Benjamin
World Tag: Christian and Tyson Tomko

WWE Champ: John Cena
U.S Champ: O.J


The pyro goes off in the arena.
JR: Welcomes to RAW
King: Tonight Vince McMahon is holding a lottery which will include every person in both the rosters.

No Chance in Hell Hits.
Vince: Tonight is a very historic a night we are holding the first ever draft lottery of AWE.

So the New Rosters Are as Follows:
Chris Benoit
Garrison Cade
Gene Snitsky
Khosrow Diavari
Mark Henry
Muhammed Hussan
Ric Flair
Shelton Benjamin
Stacy Kiebler
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock
Tyson Tomko
Trish Stratus
Val Venis
Big Show
Booker T
Charlie Hass
Eddie Guerrero
Kurt Angle
Rey Mysterio

Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Mick Foley
Randy Orton
Rob Conway
Shawn Michaels
Simon Dean
Stevie Richards
Sylvain Grenier
The Hurricane
Triple H
William Regal
Billy Kidman
Chavo Guerrero
John Cena
Paul London
Rob Van Dam

So this Thursday on Smack down the new rosters will debut.
But Tonight Raw will go on with the old Roster.

Ring That Damn Bell!!!

Match #1
Just Close your Eyes Hits.
World Tag Team Championships
Christian + Tyson Tomko VS Maven and Simon Dean

Christian and Maven start us off. Christian with a couple of rights to the head of Maven followed by a clothesline. Christian continues to beat down on maven until the referee pulls him off. Christian tags in Tyson Tomko. Tomko starts to beat down on Maven while Christian distracts the referee. The referee turns around and sees Tomko choking Maven out. 1-2-3-4 Tyson lets go. Maven begins to crawl towards Simon Dean and yes there was the tag. Simon Dean enters the ring punches Tyson in the head then runs and over clotheslines Christian off the ring. Simon Dean continues the beat down on Tyson. The crowds start chanting CHRISTIAN. Tyson somehow makes the tag to Christian who kicks Simon Dean in the gut and hits the unprettier. 1------------2------------------3
WINNER: Here are your winners and still World Tag Team Champions Christian and Tyson Tomko via PinFall.

JR: What a Match with Captain Charisma retain his title with his protector Tyson Tomko
King: After the commercial break we have Shawn Michaels Vs Muhammad Hussan.

-----------------------------------End Of Commercial------------------------------------------------

Match #2
Shawn Michaels Vs Muhammad Hussan

Shawn Michaels has the arm bar locked in. Muhammad Hussan is in pain.Muhammed rolls over and flips over Shawn over him. What a Arm Bar from Muhammad Hussan.
Muhammad Suplexs Shawn hard into the mat. Muhamed goes to the outside and picks up a chair. He sits it on Shawn Michael’s stomach. He climbs to the top rope.
Wwweeelll it’s the BIG SHOW hits.
Big Show slides into the ring and goes after Muhammad Hussan. Muhammad Hussan runs backstage Big Show follows him.

J.R: Well that was a present surprise.
King: Big Show just saved Shawn Michaels.J.R: After the Commercial Break Batista Vs Triple H Vs Chris Benoit for the WHC

-----------------------------------End Of Commercial------------------------------------------------

Match #3
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Triple H Vs Batista Vs Chris Benoit
Batista and Benoit both beat down on Triple H. Batista mini spears Triple H in the corner. Benoit then pulls Triple H out of the corner and Vertical suplexs him. Benoit turns around just enough to see Batista’s arm collide with his head. Batista know kneels down and punches away at Chris Benoits heads. Chris Benoit is now bleeding from the head. Batista now goes after Triple H they punch each other back and forth until Batista knocks Triple H over. Batista then bounces off the ropes and drops a knee on Triple Hs Throat. Triple H rolls around in pain. Batista Turns around and tries to Spinebuster Chris Benoit but Benoit reverses and locks in the Crippler Crossface. Batista appears ready to tap out but Triple H breaks the hold. Triple H beats up benoit while Batista lays on the mat in pain. Triple H kicks Benoit in the gut and sets him up for the Pedigree. Chris Benoit reverses into a belly to belly suplex. Benoit turns around and this time is hit with a Spinebuster. Batista Sets up for a Batista Bomb on Chris Benoit. He hits it.1----------2 and Triple H breaks the count. He starts to punch Batista. Batista sends him into the ropes. Picks him up and delivers a spin buster. He sets up Triple H for the Batista Bomb. He hit it. 1--------------------------------2--------------------------------------3.
Here is your winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion Batista.

J.R: What a Match

King: Remember to join Tazz and Michael Cole on Thursday to see the Smackdown’s new roster go at it.

J.R: Good Night and Thank you for watching RAW.
King: Good Night.

Plz give me a review and tell me if I should continue writing this Be the Booker .

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Remember dude your show wasn't that great to begin with. You got told what you just told me. Plus the Draft would have taken ages in real life maybe 45 minutes. So that is why it was short.

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Wait a minute there. I was just trying to give you some advice on your show. I know my show was short at the begining but I took the advice from other bookers and wrote my shows longer. If you cant take advice then you shouldn't ask for it. If you want your show to be better then you have to take constructive critiscm, not go off on one calling others.

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r my matches long enough???

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The pyro goes off in the arena.

Tazz: Hello, and Welcome to AWE Smackdown.
Michael: Tonight the Main Event is going to be John Cena Vs Triple H Vs Randy Orton Vs Chris Jericho in a Fatal Four-Way for the AWE Title.
Tazz: But first Vince McMahon has a very important announcement.

Vince: Tonight on Smackdown I will name the NEW General Manager.
Vince: The general Manager will have a very tough decision to make. He has to decide who will challenge Orlando Jordan for the U.S Title at Battle Lines.
So Smackdown’s new General Manager is MICK FOLEY!!!!!!!!
Mick Foley’s Music hits.
He enters the ring and chants start FOLEY…FOLEY…FOLEY.
So Mr. McMahon I am the new general Manager. That is great. So as my first announcement I am going to create a match for tonight.
Tazz: Wow
Michael: What an announcement by our new general manager Mick Foley.
Tazz: After the break it will be The Hurricane Vs Chris Masters.

-------------------------------------End of Commercial-----------------------------------------------

Match #1
The Hurricane Vs Chris Masters
We come back from the commercial break with hurricane and Chris Masters locking up. Masters overpowers hurricane and throws him into the corner. He then picks him up and suplexs him onto the mat. Chris bounces of the ropes and drops a huge knee onto hurricane. 1-------------2---------- kick out. Chris picks him up and spinebusters him. He locks in the Master Lock. The hurricane appears to be out. The referee awards the victory to Chris Masters via submission.
Winner: Here is your winner via submission Chris (The Masterpiece) Masters.

Tazz: I can’t believe it that Master lock looks so painful.
Michael: I hope hurricane’s neck isn’t hurt.
Tazz: Yer I hope so.
Michael: After the commercial break we will have an interview with Shawn Michaels.

-------------------------------------End of Commercial-----------------------------------------------Tazz: Please welcome The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michael’s.

Sexy Boy Hits.

Tazz: Shawn how do you feel about being here on Smackdown.
Shawn: It is so much better than Raw.
Tazz: Are you disappointed that you missed on a chance at the AWE Heavyweight title later tonight.

Shawn: Of course I am. I mean I am a legend I have beaten all of those people in that match tonight but I’m obviously not good enough to main event Smackdown.

Tazz: I am sure you will get to because you are the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels.

Shawn: Yes I will but tonight I put out an open invitation to anyone not in a match tonight. So c’mon out and face me right here, right now.

Kane’s Music Hits.

Michael: Oh my go it is the monster Kane.

Match #2
Kane vs. Shawn Michaels
We start the match with a lock up, Kane slowly moves Shawn Michaels into the corner. He starts to punch away at Shawn’s Head. Shawn looks dazed. Kane rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. He sets the chair up around Shawn Michael’s leg. He climbs to the top rope and pin drops onto it. Shawn Michaels is rolling around in extreme pain. Kane picks Shawn up by the heck and choke slams him onto the mat. Kane leans over for the pin 1--------------2----------------3.
Winner: Here is your winner Kane.

Tazz: Oh my god Kane just defeated The Heart Break kid Shawn Michaels.
Michael: and destroyed his knee.
Tazz: Kick get some EMT’s out here.
Michael: We will now go to a commercial break.


-------------------------------------End of Commercial-----------------------------------------------

Tazz: We have just been informed that Shawn Michaels has been rushed to a nearby hospital.
Michael: Now we have RVD taking on Paul London.

Match #3

RVD Vs Paul London
We start with a lock up. RVD quickly gets a kick into the stomach of Paul London. He starts to punch away at London. RVD bounces off the ropes and hits a shoulder block on Paul London. Paul quickly gets up and knocks RVD down with a crossbody.1—kick out. Paul quickly picks up RVD throws him into the ropes and scoop slams him. 1-----2—kick out. Paul throws RVD to the outside. As RVD gets up Paul London dives though the ropes and spear him hard against the wall.1----2----3---4---5----6----7 and Paul London breaks the count. He rolls back to the outside and runs RVD into the Stairs. Paul London throws RVD back into the ring and sets up for the 450 splash. He goes for it but RVD moves out of the way. RVD goes for the quick roll-up pin 1----2------kicks out. They continue to work away at each other. Finally RVD gains control kicks Paul London in the stomach bounces off the ropes and delivers a big boot to the side of the head. He sets Paul up for the 5-Star Frog Splash. RVD climbs the Ropes. He hits the 5-Star Frog Slash. Pin 1------------2------------------3.
Winner: Here is your winner via Pinfall RVD

Tazz: What a Match
Michael: But up next it is the Fatal Four-way between John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho for the AWE Heavyweight Title.


-------------------------------------End of Commercial-----------------------------------------------
Match #4
AWE Heavyweight Title Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match ( NO DQ)
John Cena Vs Triple H Vs Randy Orton Vs Chris Jericho

All men start in the ring. Triple H looks up with Randy Orton and John Cena locks up with Chris Jericho. Triple H hits a Low blow on Randy Orton who came into this match with an injured shoulder which pretty much rules out his RKO. Triple H goes and grabs a Chair and hits Randy Orton fair in between the eyes. Pin on Randy Orton 1-----------2-------------3. 1ST ELIMINATION = Randy Orton.

John Cena has Chris Jericho in the corner. Cena and Triple H team up and beat down on Chris. Cena picks up Chris and vertical suplexs him out of the ring. Triple H kicks Cena in the gut and goes for the pedigree. Cena reverses into a back body drop over the top rope. Chris Jericho rolled back into the ring only to be kicked in the gut by John Cena.
Cena irished whipped Jericho into the ropes and then gave him a big boot straight to the face. Cena then dropped a knee on Jericho’s throat. Triple H rolls back into the ring and kicks cena in the gut. He sets him up for the pedigree. Triple H just hit the pedigree on John Cena. 1---------2------Jericho breaks the count. Triple H now goes to work on Jericho. Cena is still not moving. Triple H goes for the pin on Jericho 1-----------2--------kick out. Triple H sets Jericho up for the pedigree but before he gets a chance to complete it cena rolls him up from behind 1-------2---------kick out. Cena kicks triple H in the gut and then sets him up for the F-U. Cena hits the F-U 1-------2--------3.

2nd ELIMINATION = Triple H

Cena celebrates until Jericho rolls him up from behind 1-------2------kick out. Jericho grabs Cena’s legs and rolls him over into the Walls of Jericho. Cena looks like he is gonna tap, cena rolls over. He gets out of the walls and kicks Jericho in the gut picks Jericho up into position and hits the F-U 1------------2----------kick out. Jericho tries to set him up for the Walls of Jericho but fails. Cena reverses into another F-U. He hits it. 1--------2----------3 Final Elimination =Chris Jericho
Winner: here is your winner and Still AWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena
Cena Celebrates with the crowd.

Tazz: See you all next week. Goodbye

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there is realism i mean no-bodys perfect but obviously u are

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Cut the crap kid, I never said that I was perfect. You asked for a review and I reviewed your show. If you can't handle criticism then throw your computer into the garbage and shoot yourself.

BTB Hall of Famer
11,532 Posts

-Rosters to me look small, but that's just my opinion.
-Not typing people's names out in full.
-No promos, segments and interviews.
-Lack of commentary.
-Way too short.

-The storyline ideas are good, you just need to add interviews, promos and backstage segments.


-Not typing names out in full.
-Kane/Shawn Michaels was way too short in my opinion.
-John Cena as the AWE Champion.
-Lack of commentary.
-Lack of interviews and no promos and backstage segments.
-Way too short.

-Mick Foley as General Manager of Smackdown.
-Having an interview.
-Again, the choice of feuds.

I think out of the two Smackdown was better, mainly because there was actually an interview on Smackdown. More promos, segments and interviews are needed, as well as more matches. You have good ideas, so I'd keep working at it.


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maybe it's just me but does the raw roster seem more over balanced than the smackdown roster. Other wise I think if it was longer it might be better

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yer it is i spose. Thx for the advice ppl and i will look into trading sum people. Is there any trades that u could suggest that would even the shows out???

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leonard dodotigers said:
there is realism i mean no-bodys perfect but obviously u are
Look, review are people that tell you what they think of what you presentated. I admit that I got some reviews I wasn't expecting on my show but I didn't care. I just love booking. Just accept the reviews and be lucky that some people aren't flaming you, otherwise stop being a smart one. As for your show, you need way long matches like UWEF by me, WIWA by someguy999, or JLA from Jushin Liger. Also, your promos need a lot of realism. Don't just randomize it, put some realism to it. 5/10. You need a lot of work to do.

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RAW PREVIEW 02/05/05

Last Week Batista beat triple H and Chris Benoit in a triple Threat match for the AWE World Heavyweight Championship. With Triple H now on AWE Smackdown who is there that will have the guts to challenge the Animal...
Also Undertaker will be in action this week. Find out more on Monday next Week.

Until then enjoy the shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AWE RAW 02/05/05

The Pyro goes off in the arena.

J.R: Welcome to AWE Raw.
King: Tonight we have the NEW Raw roster facing off for the first time.

Batista’s Music Hits

Batista: For those of you who didn’t watch AWE Raw last week you missed the biggest win in my career. I beat Triple H and Chris Benoit probably the two best wrestlers in AWE to win this AWE World Heavyweight title.

Huge Pops!!!!

Chris Benoit’s music hits

Chris: Yes Batista you did beat me last week. But In my contract I have a rematch Clause.

Batista: Come on then, Bring It!!!!

Chris: No I won’t be using it tonight. I had a talk with our General Manager; he has set up a match between you and Viscera tonight.

Batista: Yer So.

Chris: Oh yer, it will also be a Last Man Standing Match.

Chris Benoit’s music plays as he leaves.

J.R: Wow what an announcement by Benoit.
King: Yes, but who is the General Manager for Raw?
J.R: Folks we will now take a commercial break.
King: After the break we will have our Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin in action against The Undertaker.

--------------------------End of Commercial---------------------------

J.R: We’re back and we just got word that the CEO of AWE Vince McMahon is here tonight.
King: Maybe he will announce Raw’s new General Manager.
J.R: Maybe.
King: But now we have Shelton Benjamin Vs the Undertaker.

Ain’t No Stopping Me now hits.

The Undertakers music hits.

Match #1
Intercontinental Championship Match
Shelton Benjamin Vs the Undertaker

Shelton and Taker lock it up. Each throws a couple of punches at each other. Taker takes the advantage because he is bigger than Shelton. Taker beats down on Shelton’s back. Taker whips Shelton into the ropes and then gives him a big boot to the head. Shelton has been busted open. Shelton is making his way to standing up. When he does Taker and him punch each other back and forth before Shelton goes to whip taker into the ropes except Taker reverses and sends Shelton crashing into the security barrier on the outside. The ref begins to count 1-2-3-4-5 and Shelton rolls back into the ring and cops some treatment from Undertakers boots. Taker picks him up and goes for deadman walking and hits it. Pin 1----------2------kick out. Shelton stands up and Taker locks him into the chokeslam. Shelton reverses and plants Undertaker face first on the mat 1----kick out. Shelton whips Taker into the ropes and he hits the T-Bone Suplex.1--------2-kick out.

J.R: We will be right back after the commercial break.
------------------------------Commercial break-----------------------

-----------------------------End OF Commercial-----------------------

Shelton goes for another pin 1----------------2-----------------kick out. Taker sits up. Shelton bounces off the ropes and attempts to deliver a massive clothesline except he is intercepted by Taker who sets him up for the chokeslam and hits it. 1---------------2----------kick out. Taker calls for the tombstone piledriver.
Taker sets him up for it and he hits it, he hit the Tombstone Piledriver.

Kurt Angle’s Music hits.

Kurt attacks Taker from behind.

Winner: Your Winner via disqualification the undertaker

Kurt continues to beat down on Taker. Kurt pulls the straps down. Taker makes his way up and then Kurt hits him with the Angle Slam. Kurt turns around and poses for the crowd and behind him Taker sat up. Kurt turns around into the big hand of Taker. He hits the chokeslam and then poses and the lights go out.

J.R: What business does Kurt Angle have with the Undertaker?
King: I don’t know but he cost Taker the Intercontinental Title.
J.R: Up next we have an interview with the 7-foot 500 pound Big Show

---------------------------------End OF Commercial-------------------

King: This man stands a massive 7-feet tall, he weighs 500 pounds. Please welcome The Big Show.


Weeeeellllllll it’s the Big Show hits
King: Big Show how do you fell about being left out of the matches tonight.

Show: I suppose that I was one of many who missed out this week. But I know that I am proud to talk to you in front of these fans. I know that when I get my title shot I will win it unlike some people.

King: Like who??

Edge’s Music hits

Edge: Like me you see I have been screwed out of a world title shot so many times that I have started to get the skits every time is see Batista or someone wearing that title belt.

No chance In Hell hits.

Vince: I feel that right now is the perfect time to announce Raw’s NEW General Manager. So he can sought out this mess.
Raw’s NEW General Manager is STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!!

Glass breaking hits

Stone Cold: As my first decision as Raw General Manager I am going to make a match between The Big Show and Edge for the Number 1 Contendership for The Worlds Heavyweight Title.

J.R: What a match just announced by Stone Cold.
King: So it will be a number 1 Contender’s Match between Edge and the Big Show at the Call of the Wild PPV.

J.R: After this commercial break we have Christian and Tyson Tomko Vs Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio.

------------------------End of commercial-----------------------------

J.R: We are back and here come your Tag Team Champs Christian and Tyson Tomko.

Just Close Your Eyes hits

King: And here are the challengers for the titles Rey Mysterio
and Eddie Guerrero.

Viva la Raza hits

Match #2
AWE World tag Team Titles
Christian + Tyson Tomko Vs Eddie Guerrero + Rey Mysterio

Christian and Eddie start us off with a lock up in the centre of the ring. Eddie backs Christian into Christian’s corner. Tomko tags himself in and kicks Eddie in the gut while Christian holds Eddie. Ref starts to count 1---2—3---4- and Christian let’s go and moves to the outside. While Christian is distracting the referee Tomko has Eddie in the corner and is beating him down. The referee turns around and breaks it up. Tomko then locks Eddie in for a vertical Suplex which Eddie reverses into the three amigos and he hits all three of them. Eddie tags in Rey. Rey begins to stomp away at Tomko forcing him into the corner. He then attempts to Irish whip Tomko into the opposite corner but Tomko reverses and sends Rey head first into the turnbuckle on the opposite side. Tomko now makes the tag to Christian who goes over and chokes Rey with his foot using the bottom rope for leverage.

J.R: We will now go to a Commercial break


------------------------End of Commercial-----------------------------

J.R: We are back live.

Rey and Eddie have the advantage now. Eddie hits the three amigos on Tomko followed by a quick pin 1-----------2--------kick out. Christian looks at Rey mysterio who is in the centre of the ring. Christian runs at Rey who Drop Toe-Holds him onto the second rope. Rey calls for the 619. He hits it. Rey then drop kicks Christian to the outside as Eddie sets Tomko up for the Frog Splash. Eddie climbs up high and he hits the Frog Splash 1---------------2---------------3.
Winner: Here are your winners and NEW AWE tag Team Champions Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio.

Aftermath: Superhero’s Music hits

Wait right there you NEW tag Team Champs. You see me and The Hurricane have been to see Stone Cold and he has told us in about a month’s time at Call of the Wild it will be a Triple Threat Tag Team TLC Match. It will be Eddie Guerrero + Rey Mysterio Vs the Superhero’s VS Christian + Tyson Tomko.

Superhero’s music plays

J.R: I tell you what, This PPV the Call of the Wild is shaping up to be one hell of a Card.

King: Let’s run through it for the fans.

J.R: We have:
Shelton Benjamin Vs the Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle for the AWE Intercontinental Title.

Big Show Vs Edge for the Number 1 Contender Spot

Eddie Guerrero + Rey Mysterio Vs the Superhero’s VS Christian + Tyson Tomko in a TLC Match for the AWE Tag Titles.

King: Well what about the AWE World’s Heavyweight Title.

J.R: Well Benoit may use his re-match clause or there could be a Tournament.

King: Well we will have to wait and see.
J.R: We will now take our last Commercial Break.


------------------------End of Commercial-----------------------------
J.R: We are back and here comes big bad Viscera.

Viscera’s Music hits

King: Here is your AWE World’s Heavyweight Champion Batista!

Batista’s Music hits

Match #3
Last man Standing Match
Batista vs Viscera

We start off with both men moving to the outside and grabbing weapons. Batista brings in a Chair while viscera brings in the ringbell. This match has finally gotten underway with a bit of back and forth punching. Batista grabs Viscera’s and whips him into the rope but viscera reverses and hits Batista with a massive clothesline. 1-----2-----------3--------------4 and Batista stands up, Viscera continues to work away at Batista. He rides him into the corner and starts to mini spear Batista into the gut. Viscera backs off Batista and hits him with a stinger splash. Viscera goes ad grabs the ringbell and hits Batista around the head with it. Batista looks to be out for the count 1------2------------------3------------------4---------------5------------6----------------7--------8—and Batista stood up. Batista now throws several punches at Viscera. Viscera uses the momentum from the punches and bounces into the ropes only to be met with a huge spinning spine-buster. 1---------------2-------------3----------------4-------------5----------6 Viscera stands up. Viscera and Batista struggle over the chair as Batista has hold of it and Viscera tries to pull it away. As he does Batista let’s go and Viscera accidentally cracks himself right between the eyes with the chair.1---------------2--------------------3----------------4-------------------5-----------6------------------7----------------8-------9 and Viscera gets up. As he does Batista picks him up and delivers a spinebuster. 1---------------------2------------------------------3---------------------------4-----------------------5-----------------------6--------------------------7----------------------8 and Viscera is halfway up when Batista sets him up for the Batista Bomb. Batista hits it. 1--------------------2---------------------3-------------------4-------------------5----------------6---------------7--------------8------------------------9 Chris Benoit’s music hits

The referee gets distracted by this and goes to send Chris Benoit away from the ring. Behind all this Viscera has gotten up and is now right behind Batista. Batista turns around and Viscera sends him crashing into the ropes followed by a big cross-body. Viscera goes and grabs a chair and brings it into the ring. Viscera puts it on Batista’s chest and he bounces off the ropes and goes to hit a massive bodyslam only to be met by Batista who had picked the chair off his stomach and swung it into Viscera’s head.1----------------2---------------------------3---------------------------4----------------------5----------------6-------------------------7-----------------8-----------------9-----------------10

Winner: Here is your winner Batista.

J.R: Oh My god Batista beat the 500 pound Viscera.
King: Thankyou for watching remember that next week we have just been informed that Charlie Hass will face Maven and there has been a trade between the brands which has just been completed. Find out more next week or on Smackdown.

PlZ Review!!!!!!!!!
Was it better or not

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What can i improve on guys caus no one is replying

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Stop double posting, ya idiot. Anyway, you still need to work on your show. Jerry Lawler is way out of character. He should me making fun of the faces, not stating them. Batista vs. Viscera was your only good match and that happens, something is very wrong. Work on your matches and put some matches in realsim, depth, and lenght of the match. Anyway, this gets a 6/10, saving you from the Batista/Viscera match. You need to improve a lot more and DON'T EVER DOUBLE POST AGAIN!

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when did i double post???? I gave a Preview then the show then a question
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