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Hey well this is my first show. Im not getting all serious and detailed about it. Im just doing it for fun...

The Intro runs and the pyros blaze off.

Start of the show with Shane Mcmohon's music hitting and him strutting down to the ring.

Shane Enters the ring and Begins to talk.

Shane: Welcome to the innagural show of the American Wrestling Asscociation. I am your General Manger for Agresson. I like to give the fans what they want. We have an action packed card for you tonight so lets get down to buisness. We do not have any champions yet here at the AWA so we will be starting the AWA World Heavyweight Championship Tourney Tonight (Graphic Shows On Titon Tron)


Batista VS Chris Benoit​
John Cena VS. Randy Orton​
Brock Lesnar VS. Kane​

(hane Continues Talking) As you can see we have great matches so lets get the first match of the night underway.

Jamal And Rosey VS. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass
Jamal and Rosey Fought to a victory with Roset hitting a Somoan Drop on Charlie Has for the three count.

(WHC Tourney Match) JBL VS. HHH
JBL and HHH fought back and fourth with good action. HHH flung JBL into the ropes and nailed his face with a face crusher. He then hoisted him up and planted him with a Pedigree for the three count.

Tyson Tomko Vs. Kurt Angle
Tomko put up a good fight until Kurt went down south with a Low Blow to Tomko. He then hit the Angle Slam and put the ankle lock on him to make Tomko Tap.

(WHC Tourney Match) Batista Vs. Chris Benoit
Chris Benoit hit three german suplexes on Batista and then went for the flying headbutt. He missed Batista and hit his head on the floor. Batista then hit a spine buster on Benoit and got thje three count.

(WHC Tourney Match) John Cena Vs. Randy Orton
Randy Orton hit the RKO on John Cena but Cena suprisingly kicked out at two. Cena dropped Orton with a Suplex. He continued and Did the five knuckle shuffle and hoisted Orton up for a HUGE FU. Cena got the three count.

Main Event
(WHC Tourney Match)
Brock Lesnar Vs. Kane
Brock Lesnar got the victory over Kane with a Demolishing F5. After the match however Kane sat up and demolished Brock with a chokeslam relieving Kane's Anger.

Next Week On Agression:
WHC Tourney Quarter Finals
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