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I thought that this Wrestlemania had a lot of potential. But it ended up being so average in my opinion.

My favourite part has to be when Austin and The Rock had a stare down, that was cool. Then when Austin stunned Booker and Josh Matthews was cool too.

The rest of the Michael Cole and Lawler match was cringe worthy, what was the point in that?

Very surprised that Edge won, they had a great chance to have Christian screw Edge out of the title and get Christian back into a good storyline. If Del Rio was never going to win the title, why have him win the Rumble?

The Rock screwing Cena how he did was too predictable. Although I was glad that the Miz kept the title.

Even The Undertaker and Triple H match was very unimaginative. Finishing move after finishing move. Zzzz. Was never going to be as good as the match against HBK but I thought it might get a little nearer than what it did.

John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler didn't really need to be there. Was no point them showing up. But in my opinion both should have been higher up the card.

Orton vs Punk was good until Orton fell over trying to do the Punt. Haha that was awful acting.

If I was Kane I'd leave the WWE for how they have changed his persona in the matter of a couple of months. And if those 4 guys did what they did to the Corre so quickly, what does that say about the Corre? Worse WWE stable ever???? Imagine that happening to DX or Evolution? Lol.

Cody Rhodes and Mysterio put on a good show though I thought......

But on a whole, I was very disappointed.
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