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I would like an avatar with the Stealth Predator Scar on it from the movie AVP. The picture is in the AVP movie novelization book. On each edge I would like JCFG going clockwise please. Top left blue J, top right red C, bottom left red F, bottom right blue G please. I would like it to be 125 by 125 pixels if possible. For a banner I would like a gold background. On the left side I would like Stone Cold, Undertaker (Deadman gimmick), and Kane (mask-less gimmick). On the right I would like Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, and Lita. Sexy looking pictures please for the divas. In the middle on a podium I would like John Cena doing his wordlife sign with his custom knucks on please. You can use any pictures you think are cool or secy looking for the banner. I will check it when you are done. Thx!
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