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Austin as guest ref for HHH/Taker?

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Anyone see this possibly happening?

Sure the rumors were something like HBK as guest ref, but I don't see him being ref for this match since he isn't really involved in WWE so he has no reason to help taker continue his streak(and seem like a bad guy since he could be considered to have "turned his back" on hhh) or cost taker his streak.

Taker-HHH are fighting in the streak match and Taker going under "the last outlaw". Stone Cold fits in the outlaw category doesn't he? And what makes it interesting is that HHH/Taker, 2 guys who were main parts in the 90s and WWE vets today are fighting each other and basically claiming there's nobody else on their level.

This is where Austin fits in, he was also apart of the 90s and bigger piece than both HHH and Taker were so he might understand what it'd be like fighting to prove who's the better guy. He's also host for tough enough, a show that is all about bringing in new talent. So as host of tough enough austin will be helping these new people out alot so he might be sick and tired of hearing HHH/Taker not giving credit to the future stars of the company and not paving the way for the new guys like others have which could be why Austin wants to be guest ref in the match.

How much bigger could that get? Taker vs HHH with Austin as guest ref.
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I feel that they dont need a gimmick to make this match exciting, its triple h vs undertaker you might not like them but fact is this is the last big match they'll have together and one of the last big matches of both off their carears im pumped up for it
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