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Austin Aries, among other Indy talents cut from Tough Enough

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Not a big indy follower, but I've heard Aries is one of the best ROH talents. They better have some really good talent on the show, if they couldn't put Aries in it:no:
Partial Source: Pwinsider

We noted earlier today here on the website that some independent wrestlers that were under consideration for the revival of Tough Enough and didn't make the final cut were Austin Aries, Mercedes Martinez, Joey Ryan, Brittney Savage and JD Maverick.

Another wrestler that was under consideration for the program noted that many of his peers echoed frustration after dealing with casting directors as he and others were led to believe they were going to be tapped for the show, only to never hear back again from them.

Many of the show's contestants have prior wrestling experience. Those names, however, have yet to be publicly disclosed. The only contestant announced thus far is Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih. You can click here to view 20 smokin' hot photos of Rima Fakih. Wow.

Filming is ongoing and will conclude in late March.

Also, Steve Austin is not living in the house with the contestants.
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