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Aussie King presents WWE The Golden Booker

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I welcome you to 'The Golden Booker'. I thank you for viewing and hope that I can in some form entertain you. Feel free to comment at any time, and excuse my photoshop skills (the ones you will be seeing are my first attempts at photoshop).

Sincerely Aussie King

Things that you have to know:

* This BTB is set in June 2011
* In April 2011, the WWE hosted the biggest draft in its history. Superstars randomly picked 'WWE' or 'fired', those choosing 'fired' were automatically released and they will not appear in this BTB.
* The GM's then took alternative turns picking superstars they most wanted on their show (the roster will be formatted in order of those picks)
* The Raw GM's focused on securing big names, while Smackdowns GM focused on securing those he thought he could make into superstars

General Managers

Mick Foley
'Stone Cold' Steve Austin


1. Triple H

2. Batista

3. John Cena

4. Edge

5. Kane

6. Kurt Angle

7. Chris Jericho

8. Rob Van Dam

9. Samoa Joe

10. Mr Kennedy

11. Goldust

12. The Miz

13. Abyss

14. Dolph Ziggler

15. Cody Rhodes

16. Curt Hawkins

17. Trent Baretta

18. Zack Ryder

19. Jimmy Uso

20. Jey Uso

21. Santino Marella

22. Skip Sheffield

23. Ezekiel Jackson

24. Drew McIntrye

25. Kofi Kingston

26. Kaval

27. Alex Riley

28. Justin Gabriel


World Heavyweight Championship

1.Triple H (current champion)

Intercontinental Championship

1. The Miz (current champion)

World Tag Team Championship

1. Ezekiel Jackson and Skip Sheffield (current champion)

Hardcore Championship

1. Abyss

Upcoming Pay Per View


13th June WWE presents Raw
16th June Raw presents Superstars
20th June WWE presents Raw
23rd June Raw presents Superstars
27th June WWE presents Raw
30th June Raw presents Superstars
3rd July Vengeance​

General Manager

Paul Heyman


1. The Undertaker

2. Sting

3. ??

4. Randy Orton

5. Big Show

6. Christian

7. Booker T

8. CM Punk

9. Jeff Hardy

10. MVP

11. Carlito

12. Daniel Bryan

13. Sheamus

14. Wade Barrett

15. Alberto Del Rio

16. Jack Swagger

17. Shelton Benjamin

18. Charlie Haas

19. Evan Bourne

20. Husky Harris

21. Tyson Kidd

22. Yoshi Tatsu

23. Chris Masters

24. Ted DiBiase

25. Matt Morgan

26. Primo

27. Robert Roode

28. James Storm


WWE Championship

1. Randy Orton (current champion)

United States Championship

1. Jack Swagger (current champion)

WWE Tag Team Championship

1. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas (current champion)

European Championship

1. Wade Barrett (current champion)

Upcoming Pay Per View


14th June Smackdown presents Velocity
17th June WWE presents Smackdown
21st June Smackdown presents Velocity
24th June WWE presents Smackdown
28th June Smackdown presents Velocity
1st July WWE presents Smackdown
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okey, it looks like it could be good but it isnt much of any backstory. to me it just is every popular tna guy is just randomly on wwe now. it dosnt make sence why theyd be in wwe. add something to explain this thats not just, big draft where some guys got fired. it is very confusing.
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