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Hello Everyone,

I am one of the member of the Wrestling-Edge dot dom discussion forums, WEForums.com.

I am writing this message to let you all know that this forum is dead and has been ever since it was hacked. Why not all do yourselves a favor and register over at WEForums.com.

We have over 90,000 members and a community which is ALWAYS active. Upon writing this, PWS Forums has 29 people on, whilst WEForums.com has 176 on.

We have more WOW photos posted, intelligent discussion for WWE, NWA-TNA and other wrestling promotions, wrestling multimedia where people post/swap videos/audio, video games and lots more.

I suggest you all leave this dump and check WEForums.com now. Another bonus. The owner plans to remove popups completly within the next month,

See you all soon!

Some ****** went and posted that on PWS. All it's gonna do it start trouble. My guess is Dean. He's the one who usually starts trouble like that.

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Old Man Swind said:
Well it may cause trouble, but advertising is allowed at PWS, so if I was still there in charge I'd say it was fine.
We all know Ryan does not read the forums, he only looks in WOW, & with no other mods or admins, I think it's all good.
that's actually posted in the wow section. think it's been hacked again. i have it bookmarked and now when i click my bookmark i'm redirected to ringside post or whatever it's called.

The Old Man
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Nitemare said:
Your post was encouraging the spam. It should be discouraging spam.
I'm not picking a fight here Nitemare, & I detest spam as much as most, but I must ask:

If Amish makes money from pop-ups, & pop-ups occur upon page refreshes, then the more page refreshes the more money for Amish, correct?
If so, then spam should logically be desireable as every post (regardless of how mind numbingly meaningless) will bring Amish more revenue.

Am I over simplifying this, or missing something?
I would've thought WE existed for revenue for Amish (& I have no problem with that), not because he thinks we're all great guys.
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