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I wonder what Aeris felt...When she was up on that
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Save your money, ROH shows in lesser cities suck. Trust me, I've been to a few in St. Paul when they ran shows in The Armory.

Plus, ROH in 2015? lol no.

Edit: Not to be too negative, definitely spring for first 3 rows. You're still close enough not to have an obstructed view and still interact with wrestlers.

I kept disctracting Larry Sweeney during ROH Driven 2007 in Chicago during Nigel/Hero (on DVD only). He almost missed a spot because he was trying to put Bobby Dempsey's fatass in front of me.

Oh and at ROH Return Engagement in Chicago, there is a spot where Chris Sabin does a tope con hilo onto the Briscoes and he gets so much air that he lands feet first onto the first row chairs...his left foot is on the chair in front of me.

Edit 2: I also peed next to Roderick Strong one time in Chicago during Better Than Our Best. Should I keep bragging about how much better Chicago is than other cities?
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