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Real Name: Artemis Xanthis

Nickname/Alias: The rIsEn one.

Age: 23

Height: 6'5''

Weight: 250 lbs.

Gimmick: Will never give up/believes he's the future of EPW.

Hometown/Country of Origin: Athens, Greece

Alignment: Tweener

Theme Music: Rise today by Alter Bridge

Character Rep: Wade Barrett

Ring Entrance Description: ''Rise today by Alter bridge starts to play as the lights of the arena dims. Smoke appears to be covering the entrance, then the smoke vanishes and Artemis appears, sporting somewhat of a serious expression on his face. He walks down to the ring and then rolls
in under the bottom rope. He then gets onto one of the turnbuckles and looks all throughout the arena, and then jumps onto the wrestling mat, awaiting his opponent.''

Top 10 Moves:
1) Neckbreaker
2) Running STO
3) Boston Crab
4) Neckbreaker
5) Stalled suplex
6) Backbreaker
7) Running knee to head.
8) Side walk slam
9) Running powerslam
10) Belly to Belly suplex.

Signature Moves: Spinebuster, Running big boot, Spear

Primary Finisher: Time's up (sit-down tombstone piledriver)

Secondary Finisher: Spiral powerbomb (Has the opponent on his shoulders, the spins around several times quite quickly to attempt to make the opponent dizzy. Then he drops him with a standing powerbomb.

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Added to the active roster, hopefully you stick around this time:)

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haha, well you know everytime I try this, I always end up getting pushed away with it because of other stuff in my life haha...
but now that we are in the midcourse of summer and i'm not too busy, i'm going to hopefully stick around for a whilee.
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