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Arnold Swartzeneger (sp?) was announced as a Celebrity Inductee for the Hall of Fame Class of 2015. As far as I can tell he made 3 WWE appearances: beating up Triple H, inducting Bruno Sammartino, and beating up The Miz.

I feel certain celebrities played major roles in WWE's history. They can bring in outside attention to the wrestling world, and can lead to creating new wrestling fans.

Mr. T's involvement at WrestleMania 1 helped the event be a major success. Mike Tyson brought attention to WWE when they badly needed it. Donald Trump helped promote WM 4 and 5, and his involvement at 23 helped for a huge buy rate.

I personally don't feel Arnold really contributed enough to make him a deserving HOFer (not that Drew Carey did, I think it was just to get Bob Barker to make another appearance). I honestly feel the Celebrity Wing should exist, but it should be taken more seriously.
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