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Who should be n the 9 deaths match?

Armegedon- 9 Deaths (choose opponnents)

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Version 1.0 SD! Announcement at a press conference

Vince McMahon: At Armegedon i have decided that a new type of match will take place. It is called a 9 deaths match and this will include 10 WWE SD! Suprestars! If you log on to our site you can go vote for who will be involved in the match of a life time. other then that the #1 contender, Eddie Guerrero and WWE champion, John Cena at Survivor Series will not be one the poll because they are automatically in the match! So this is how the voting works. You can vote for as many guys as yu want. There is a multiple choice poll where you can choose as many stars as you want. The wrestlers with the most votes wins! There are only 15 superstars listed so vote now!

here is how the 9 Deaths Match works:
Nine Death Rules

1- There are 9 rounds and 10 competitors
2- It is pretty much an elimination match where each round someone is eliminated
3- Each round has a stipulation
4- Stipulation Order:

First Blood- First to bleed to gone
Tables- First to go through a table is gone
Hardcore- First to be pinned or submit is eliminated
Battle Royal- First man to go over the top rope is eliminated
Cage- Last man to escape is eliminated
Casket- Only man man can go in the casket. When that man is in the casket with the lid shut and locked then the man inside it is elimiated
Last Man Standing- Last man to not be able to get up to the count of 10 is eliminated
Chain- All men are chained to one another. The one that gets pinned is eliminated
Ladder- The man that grabs the title is the winner

5- There can not be more than 2 or more can be eliminated at once.
6- If the situation arises in rule #5 then that round will start over again!

Does that make sense to everyone? If so ask youre questions now because this is a press conference!

remeber this is multiple Choice!!!!!!!!!!
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I had to vote for the French Phenom himself
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