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OFF TOPIC:A little short but I'll improve in future this is just a start up thing

A clip is shown on the titantron

It is raining around an old looking wrestling ring, lightning strikes and shows a tall, shadowy figure lurking nearby

Armageddon is a term...not to be taken lightly, the ending of an era comes when Armageddon strikes, I've conquered every country on the map... taken my toll on the wrestling world...except 1 place...this one place will feel the wrath like no other

A young man is seen lying knocked out in the middle of the ring

I have made rings tremble with my very presence, performers lives are at risk every time I take a step...becuase I am no mere mortal, I am a god..a war god..named after the ancient Ares I have cast myself to end EPW...Becuase by the time I'm done they will be no new era, there will be no mercy

The camera zooms out to show multiple knocked out bodies lying on the dark,rain battered ring

But don't take my word for it, becuase I am blessed by other powers....

Lightning strikes and a pentagram is shown across the ring

Powers that can withstand anything and anyone...because the end is nigh,doomsday,Ragnarok are among the names for it.... because in the end....

Lightning strikes again to show a bearded man's face while dramatic music plays in the background


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Well as you said, it was short- seems like an intriguing character though and I look forward to seeing you develop!.
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