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Are we officially in the Indy Era?

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Hey guys,

Over the past few months there have been several shifts of power in both the WWE and TNA. Over the past few months CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have been feuding over the WWE Championship, Austin Aries has won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are involved in a major storyline on TV, Samoa Joe is the current leader of the Bound For Glory Series, and we've seen the likes of Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero, Pac and Sarah Del Rey sign with the WWE.

With this major shift from bodybuilder types to wrestlers from the independent scene now holding up main event places on both rosters, do you believe we have now shifted into an era where wrestlers with an independent background are now considered the top guys?
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Nope, lets face it as soon as another couple of Triple H's / Brock Lesnar's / Randy Orton's walk into the company the likes of Bryan would be straight back down to mid card.

It just so happens that Bryan / Punk and Co, are the best we have at the minute.
I doubt that's happening anytime soon. The developmental system is so broken that it will take a while for them to create someone like a HHH, Lesnar, or Orton. The fact is most of the talent that has been produced by their developmental system in the past few years have not been good. A lot of them are really green, and though I know ring work isn't as important as charisma or mic skills, a lot of these are not even fucking passable in the ring. The indies may not produce traditional American mainstream wrestlers, but most of those guys are more entertaining than the guys being produced by the WWE.
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