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Are The shield maineventers?

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Do you consider the members of the Shield to be main eveners? They have been one of the top attractions in the WWE for about 18 months, beaten Legends and are constantly feuding with maineventers or upper-mid carders. I am a big fan and I think they should be established as fully fledged maineventers before they break up. An angle I would be interested in is the Shield all getting a title shot at the same time, maybe in a fatal four way or possibly in a Armageddon HIAC with Bryan, Batista, and Orton.
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Absolutely. Rollins is the in-ring technician and can do some really exciting spots, and can cut a good promo, the total package w/ the Jeff Hardy/CM Punk appeal to him. Ambrose is the promo guy who's suited to being one of the top heels. Reigns has the look and has a lot of cool power moves never really been done before. All three can work and Triple H is behind them. of course they're going to be main eventers.
Yep, except Reigns. He will receive a Sheamus push, which will work about as much as it worked for the fella - i.e. Ziggler, Rollins and Ambrose will get the "lets go" treatment when facing him.

AS long as they don't Ziggler (shoot their mouth off), they will become main event stars.
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