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Are John Cena & Randy Orton truely WWE's biggest PPV draws?

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So I was watching the Royal Rumble as many of you were thinking about why WWE's PPV buys are so down.

Now obviously Cena and Orton are the WWE's biggest guys which we all know. The stereotype is young children will tune in to watch these guys on RAW every week rather than the us 'hardcore' wrestling fans who would rather much see CM Punk put on an golden promo or Daniel Byran slapping on the LeBell Lock or Cattle Muttilation on Micheal Cole. Do Cena/Orton only have the power for people to tune in to RAW not the PPVs?

I'm not saying their drawing power isn't 'strong' enough to make masses of WWE fans buy PPV's. But isn't the WWE garnering for the wrong customers with their PPVs?

Speaking from my personal experience when I was 11 or 12 at the time when I first watched wrestling my friends who where also fans would ever a PPV ever, only watch the shows like RAW and SmackDown! since being young fan who only had a casual interest which many young fans do themselves these days. I myself was the same way.

I'm sure many of you order PPV's here but I'm guessing not many of you are fond of Randy Orton and John Cena that much? I take it you like your Daniel Bryans, CM Punks, Alberto Del Rios, Christians, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barretts, Dolph Zigglers etc. Also it seems at the arenas themselves where the PPV is set there seems to be more older male fans than young kids. You can listen to them at WrestleMania, their marking the fuck out to those guys but not giving two shits about Cena and Orton. Last year at WMXXVI during the Cena/Batista match the crowd was nowhere near as hot as during the Edge/Y2J match or Undertaker/Shawn Michaels.

What I'm basically saying is - Maybe WWE could appeal more to the older wrestling fan when it comes to PPV's whilst having John Cena and Randy Orton running riot on RAW for the younger fans to enjoy? Wouldn't PPV's get much larger buyrates if the WWE aimed towards people who are actually old enough to buy them? I'm sure all of us would be alot more interested than say Sting vs Undertaker rather than Cena vs Orton or Bryan vs Punk rather than Cena/Miz/Orton, we have the power to put money in Vince's pocket.

I am in no way saying Cena and Orton shouldn't be at PPV's at all, they should be main-eventing. I just think maybe if WWE did something to spice up the mid/higher-card where alot of the older fans interest lies, instead of just saying "Oh we'll have an undercard with useless midcard/divas matches and Dibiase/Maryse segments just to kill time so the crowd will be more hot for the big Cena/Orton match..."

Just my thoughts on why WWE isn't getting many PPV's sold these days. What do you guys think?
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