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Are HHH and Steph vampires? They still looked young as ever at the ESPYs.

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Not sure if it's all those midnight workouts or what.

But Trips and Steph really seem to have the secret to anti-aging.

I think both still look great.

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people on this forum seem to believe that people in their 40s (steph) should look like a pensioner. I remember everyone saying that they were shocked that torrie wilson still looked good........I means shes only 43. Shes hardly a granny.

steph looks like any 42 year old imo and HHH is hard to tell because hes got a shaved head and a big beard. People with shaved heads take longer to look older (look at austin) and his beard covers most of his face.

plus as with torrie wilson, they are health freaks, if you keep yourself in good shape then you will naturally look better and therefore younger. Being more overweight etc doesnt produce a shining image and is more typical of older people as their metabolism starts to slow down.

overall I really see nothing in these two that says that they look different to their actual age. They just look like healthy people. Steph looks nothing like she did in the early 2000s. She certainly looks older.

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Posters on here spent all day yesterday shitting on Becky for an ESPN magazine cover, then some of those same posters marked out over an award from the same people that Reigns won. Gotta love the hypocrisy.
1. Being the cover of a magazine and receiving an award have a great difference

2. I believe that people don't care as much about the award as the fact that Roman won it for beating leukemia. If he didn't have leukemia, there wouldn't be all this noise; same thing if someone else won it

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HHH's new bald look is by far his best. He looks so freaking awesome.

And yeah, another one here that wants to know what the fuck an ESPY is?
ESPN once upon a time used to be a credible sports channel, but they realized actually fully committing in a professional, straight forward manner of your channels format wasn't bringing in the main stream attention. Think of how The Discovery Channel, History Channel, went from educational and fun to watch to being 24/7 shitty reality TV series instead.

So, ESPN started venturing into other ideas.. The "ESPYs" being one of them.. Short for "Excellence in Sports Performance"... ie: ESPN created their own awards show for sports so they had a guaranteed media blitz at least once a year.

Most don't take the ESPYs seriously as it was very transparent from the start it was just a hollow event created for ratings..

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Stephanie looks like a reptilian, barely concealed beneath her human masquerade. Someone call David Icke.
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