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April 2014 UK Tours

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Hey guys,

I wasn't really sure where to post this so I thought I'd drop it here in hopes you folks could answer it for me.

When do tickets go on sale for the April 2014 UK (and European) tour? I think it's been called the Wrestlemania Revenge tour in the past? Me and a friend are planning to head down to London (where the TV tapings are most likely going to be) for Raw, but we aren't sure when tickets go on sale and I can't really find anything concrete through Google.

Thanks in advance!
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they will most likely go on sale about a week after the november tour finishes, last time i went to a houseshow they had leaflets on all the seats saying when all the next shows were and i'm pretty sure they went on sale 1 to 2 weeks after that tour finished.
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