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This is my first big shot at this, so be patient:

Raw opens with a recap of the title match at Armageddon, with HHH winning the title.

Opening credits and pyro, Jim Ross runs down the PPV and talks about how excited he is. Lawler babbles on about nothing until Kane's pyro explodes and they go into the first match of the night, right off the bat.

Kane vs. Batista with Ric Flair :
In this rematch from Armageddon, Kane opens with fists of fury, and he and Batista brawl in and out of the ring. Kane gets the upper hand and eventually goes for the chokeslam, but Batista low blows Kane and slides out of the ring to regroup. Kane follows and Flair gets in the way. Kane drops Flair but is nailed from behind by Batista. They brawl on the outside, through the crowd, and are counted out by the referee.
Match is a draw.

We cut to the back, where we see HBK arriving through a back entrance. He is approached and a mic is shoved in his face. HBK keeps walking past the mic and the cameraman. We cut to commercial.

Back from commercial, we see Kane and Batista brawling in the back, knocking over garbage cans and slamming each other into posts and walls. Kane looks to be getting the upper hand again, but Flair comes at him with a pipe to the back of the head, allowing Batista to powerbomb Kane through a nearby table. Flair and Batista laugh, survey the damage, then take off.

Back to JR and the King, and Jim Ross is appalled by Flair and Batista's actions. Next match starts up as Regal and Storm hit the ring.

Regal and Storm vs. The Dudley Boyz:
Dudleyz dominate early on Regal. They double team him in the corner and D'Von unloads a set of slams and suplexes as well. Regal low blows D'Von and finally makes the tag to Storm. Storm unloads with chops and kicks, and takes over the match, sending D'Von into a stupor. He locks in the Sharpshooter early, but Bubba makes the save. Bubba and Storm brawl, and Regal and D'Von exchange shots on the outside. Storm is the legal man, and D'Von is legal as well. Regal nails D'Von with the brass knux and rolls him inside to Storm. Storm tosses Bubba outside and Regal takes over as Storm locks D'Von into the Sharpshooter again, but it's too close to the ropes and D'Von grabs on. Ref calls for Storm to break the hold, but he holds anyways until the last possible second. Tag to Regal and Regal starts punching. He lays the boots to D'Von as Bubba yells. D'Von FINALLY makes a break for the corner and tags to Bubba. Bubba bomb on Regal, nails Storm with a clotheslines or two, then punches Regal some more. D'Von's back up and they set up for the Wassup headbutt. D'Von climbs up top to nail the move on Regal, but Storm kicks D'Von's legs out and he sacks himself on the top rope. Storm nails Bubba with a flying heel kick, and Regal is up. Brass knux again to D'Von, knocking him to the outside. Storm starts on Bubba, nailing him with chops and kicks again, then sets him up for a top rope superplex. He nails it and sends Bubba to Regal, who chokes him out in the corner as Storm distracts the ref. D'Von nails Regal and pulls him off the apron, they brawl outside. Storm lowblows Bubba and locks in the Sharpshooter. Bubba has the ropes, but Storm stomps away, and pulls him to the middle of the ring, locking in the move again. Bubba taps.
Winners: Storm and Regal by submission

We cut to the back again and we see HBK wandering through the back. He comes up on Triple H's locker room and pauses. Then he opens the door and steps inside. Cut to commercial.

We come back from commercial and JR and Lawler are obviously confused at what HBK is doing in HHH's locker room. Before we get any answers, Eric Bischoff's music hits, and the Raw GM and Morley head to the ring. Bischoff grins at the boos of the crowd for a minute, then proceeds to cut a promo about Raw having the best talent and stealing the show at Armageddon. He congratulates all the winners, especially HHH. With that, Jericho's music hits and Chris makes his way to the ring. He does not look impressed, and he glares at Bischoff and Morley, then takes the mic and proceeds to rant about losing the tag titles to Booker and Goldust. Bisch asks him who the hell he thinks he is, and he says he's the King of the World. Morley steps in and shoves Jericho, telling him that's no way to talk to the GM of Raw. Jericho shoves Morley back and tells him that's no way to treat the King of the World!! Morley is held back by Eric, and Bisch makes a match for later that night where Jericho can start to re-prove himself on Raw. If Jericho doesn't win, he's FIRED. Jericho scowls at Bischoff before leaving the ring.

Backstage, Scott Steiner arrives with two freaks. Commercial.

We come back and JR and Lawler wonder who Jericho's opponent will be in his win or get fired match later tonight. Steiner's music hits and he gets to the ring with two hot ladies at his side. He cuts a weak promo about signing to Raw and promises to tear it up, holla if you hear me. Steiner is about to leave the ring, but Chris Nowinski's music hits, and Chris is on the ramp. He bitches at Steiner for beating him up. He cracks jokes about his freaks and talks about being educated. Steiner tells him to come down to the ring and gets his ass educated by the largest arms in the world. Chris says, no thanks, he'd rather have real education. Steiner is about to speak, but suddenly he's nailed from behind by Al Snow with a vile chairshot. JR freaks out. Steiner is down and Chris runs to the ring to help Snow stomp away. Steiner gets up and takes out both men with suplexes and locks in the Steiner Recliner to Snow as Nowinski runs off.

Backstage, we see Goldust and Booker with the newly won tag titles. They crack a few jokes, sucka, and Booker T thanks Goldust for being his "partner". Goldust thanks Booker for having faith in him. Lovely moment until 3 Minute Warning burst in the door and demand a title shot. Booker says to get in line, sucka, and calls Jamal a fat freak. Goldust says that's an insult to freaks, and rubs Rosie's stomach. A brawl breaks out in the locker room between the tag teams, and security bursts in to break it up. Booker says if 3MW wants the straps, to come and get them, suckaaaaaaa. Commercial.

Back, and we hear that 3MW and Booker T/Goldust has been signed for later. Next match starts as Trish hits the ring.

Trish vs. Jacqueline
Trish and her have a match. It sucks. Victoria interferes and wipes them both out.
No contest.

We hit the backstage area and Jericho is seen headed to the ring for his big match. JR and Lawler wonder who it is against, and announce that...IT'S NEXT!!! Commercial.

Jericho's music hits when we come back, and he heads to the ring, cocky as always. He awaits his opponent and it's Christian!!

Jericho vs. Christian
The match opens with the two tag partners staring each other down, then Jericho attacks and starts wiping the floor with Christian. The match goes back and forth, with Christian hitting some great moves. Jericho reverses a suplex to the outside and follows up with a run through the ropes and a diving splash to the outside on Christian. They brawl up the ramp and down the ramp, nailing every object on the way. Jericho gets the upper hand when he slams Christian into the steel steps repeatedly. He throws Christian inside and foolishly wastes valuable time taunting the fans. Jericho gets in finally, but is lowblowed by Christian. Christian starts an offense, and picks apart Jericho. Jericho reverses an Irish whip and slams Christian hard to the mat, goes for the Lionsault, but misses. Christian locks in the Walls of Jericho on Jericho, but Jericho hits the ropes and grabs on. Christian stomps away, then goes for the Unprettier, but Jericho reverses and nails the Breakdown front Russian legsweep. He covers, gets a two, and slaps Christian across the face hard. Picks him up and scoop slams him, nails a few stomps, picks him up and tosses him to the corner. Runs. Splash. Christian falls out of the corner and Jericho bulldogs him to the center. Looks to the ropes, and this time NAILS the Lionsault. Cover, only a 2!! Jericho is shocked and heads outside for a steel chair. Ref grabs it at the last second and Christian is able to grab Jericho for a rollup. Only a 2. Jericho kicks out of it and nails Christian somehow with another bulldog and another Lionsault. This time, he locks in the Walls of Jericho and Christian taps out.
Winner: Jericho by submission

Bischoff's music hits and he walks out onto the ramp, applauding Jericho. Chris stands in the ring and smirks at Eric. Eric takes the mic and starts to laugh. Great job to the King of the World, but he forgot to mention that it was a LOSER GETS FIRED MATCH, and so Christian is FIRED FROM RAW!!! Bischoff laughs as Jericho's smile turns into a scowl. He looks over to Christian and helps him up, but Christian shoves him down and starts slamming things around in the ring, throwing a temper tantrum. He nails Jericho with a chair and leaves him a bloody mess in the ring. Commercial.

We come back and JR and Lawler talk about Christian's firing from Raw. They still wonder about HBK walking into HHH's locker room. Can You Dig It Sucka!!! hits the PA system and Booker and Goldust come out for the next match.

Booker T/Goldust vs. 3MW for the Tag Titles
Match starts and Rosie dominates Goldust early on. They double team him in the corner and nail a few huge moves on Goldie. Jamal is tagged in and continues to put the hurt on 'Dust. Booker reaches for a tag but no chance. Goldust is being tossed around like a rag doll by the two men, but finally manages to squeeze in a lowblow and make a break for Booker. Tag in and Booker starts a'choppin'. He whips Rosie into Jamal and nails a double flying kick, knocking both men down. Booker starts on Jamal and chops him into the corner. Rosie is out of the ring. Booker sends Jamal to the opposite corner and nails a flying elbow smash running across the ring. Booker T sets up Jamal with a low kick, then tries for the axe kick, but is caught and slammed down by Rosie from behind. More double team as the ref is losing control of the match. Rosie and Jamal toss Booker T around and Goldie is still recovering in the corner. Booker finally breaks out of the beatdown and nails a desperation move on both men, a double low blow. He sets up Jamal for the Bookend and drops him. He heads for the corner but Goldust turns him away, exhausted. Booker T is shocked and the fans boo Goldust. Goldust backs down and rests on the steps. Booker T is double teamed further but this time manages to send Rosie outside with a whip over the ropes. He nails Jamal with the axekick, doesn't bother with the spin-a-roonie, and quickly covers for the 3.
Winners: Booker T/Goldust by pinfall.

After, Goldust congratulates Booker, but Booker ignores him, grabs his tag title and heads out of the ring. Goldust looks dejected and follows Booker up the ramp. Commercial.

We come back from commercial and see Kane recovering in the back, racing around looking for Batista. Everyone tells him Batista and Flair have left. Kane leaves.

We cut to the ring, JR and Lawler still wonder what the hell is going on with HBK in HHH's locker room. Triple H's music blasts over the PA and we're about to find out. The Game hits the ring grinning ear to ear, spits water, wearing a suit. He gets on the mic and talks about how great he is, how he beat HBK in his own match for the title, and how he buried the Showstoppa! He talks some more about burying other superstars. He takes great pride in this. He then asks for HBK to come down to the ring and tells the fans that they've been talking. HBK admitted that HHH was the better man, and HHH wants HBK to tell the rest of the world what he told him. HBK's music hits and JR is shocked. No dancing, no prancing, HBK somberly heads to the ring. HBK takes the mic from HHH and pauses, then raises HHH's arm in the air. Crowd boos. HBK goes into a big speech about how he came back to set things straight in the WWE, but realized that he's not good enough for it. He's not good enough to compete in the ring with guys like HHH and RVD night after night, and he doesn't cut it anymore. HHH is the better man, and he realizes that now. He was fooling himself holding that title, and he should have listened to Ric Flair's advice instead of being someone he's not. The Showstoppa is dead. The Heartbreak Kid is dead. He's just a man, not a star. HHH is the real star. HHH laughs through all of this, and then HBK raises HHH's hand again. Suddenly, RVD's music hits and Van Dam comes down the ring, shaking his head. HHH glares at him and Van Dam gets in the ring. He takes the mic from HBK and talks about how he looked up to Michaels and got into wrestling because of HBK. How inspirational he is. He tells HBK that Shawn had better stick around for a while, and that he can still do it. HHH tells RVD to shut up and that it's his time now. HHH tells RVD that HBK has come to the realization that sooner or later all WWE superstars will come to....noone can beat the Game!! RVD looks up, looks down, then starts firing shots at HHH, backing him and his suit into a corner. HHH fights back and HBK gets out of the ring. HHH and RVD stand toe to toe before RVD gets the upper hand and spin kicks HHH. RVD flattens HHH with a few more kicks, then heads up top to 5-star him. Suddenly, HBK grabs RVD's leg and pulls him off the turnbuckle!!! RVD topples and HHH grabs him in the middle of the ring and Pedigrees him to the mat. HHH looks to HBK, who grabs a steel chair for the outside. HHH screams at RVD, and HBK gets in the ring with the chair and nails RVD several times with it. HHH picks up RVD and HBK nails a picture perfect Superkick. HHH and HBK beat down RVD as the show comes to a close with JR having a heart attack.

Ok, it was long, but I thought I'd give a bit more detail to the matches. Hope you enjoyed it, if not.....too bad. :cool: I'll do Smackdown another time if you guys want it.
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