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Anyone remember the Wrestlemania 13 Chicago Street Fight?

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I've been watching a WM marathon all day and got to Wrestlemania 13 and rewatched the crazy Chicago street fight between LOD and Ahmad Johnson vs. The Nation of Domination. What i'm wondering is, does anyone remember this match and how crazy it was? It was pandamonium throughout. Johnson was flying around everywhere and Animal almost killed Faraooq trying to piledrive him on the announce table.

Anyone who hasn't seen it and wants to, here's the links:

Part one:

Part two:
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I remember it well, I believe they even brought out the proverbial kitchen sink lol. Used to love LoD and the NoD back then. NoD especially where a huge group, I believe D-Lo was their accountant back then

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I used to re-watch it over and over when I got the Mania 13 VHS (when I was younger), as it was very fun, and ahead of its time in WWE, certainly didn't see too many matches, if any like that back then.
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