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Anyone make up their own Wrestling feds in school????

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Dear Wrestling Fans,

I was wondering if anyone in here as ever created thier own pro wrestling federation? I know a kid from high school who used to do this all the time. The kid would make up wrestler like the Hell Lords(Road Warriors type team), The Billion Dollar Man(Million Dollar Man type), The Houston Hurricane(Texas Tornado type), Mr. Magificant(Mr. Perfect type character) and countless other wrestlers. The kid would draw pictures of all the wrestlers and his sketchs were always pretty good. The kid even made pictures of the wrestling arena(inside and outside). The kid also made up another wrestling federation with real wrestlers that no longer wrestled for NWA or WWF. My favorite angle that he came up with involved Rick Rude and Shane Douglas. Shane Douglas had an affair with Rude's wife and turned his own kids against him. This caused Rude to try to commit sucide. Ric jumped off a 50 foot bridge put survied the huge fall. The "Raging Bull" Manny Ferdanez and Bobby "The Brian" visited Rick in the hostipal. The Brian and the Raging Bull told Rick he was fully capable of returning and should kick Douglas's butt! Ric Rude was shown in the hostipal tring to learn how to move his arms and how to walk again. Rude finally made a comeback to the ring against Douglas at a Wrestlemania type event! This kid literally drove the creative writing teacher crazy because this was what you wrote during class and the teacher hated it. However, the teacher couldn't do a darn thing about it because their were no rules on what you could write about!
This same kid I knew even taped his own pro wrestling show at our high school. The kid would have the Homecoming Queen of our high school be a heel manager and had one of our football player play a "Stone Cold" Steve Austin character. This was a journalism project the kid was working on and was shown to about 20 students at the school.

I was thinking about making up a federation called Mapple City Wrestling and have people from my high school class be in it. The main angle would be to see who the true Mapple Queen was because their are just so many of them in our area. The Mapple Queens would battle each other in a Mapple Syrup match(sorta like a gravy bowl match). I never made this federation up because it was too much hard work!

When the N-64 came out with wrestling games were you could make up wrestlers I really got my money's worth! Here are some of the characters I created in my video game!

1. The Bare Wench was a female wrestler based on the Bare Wench Skinamax moves. The girl wore a biniki, had dark hair, and was super hot!

2. Brother Jim was a wrestling prophet who came out to the theme music of Kane and fire pyro went off when he entered the ring. Jim carried a wooden shepard like stick to the ring like he was one of the wise wen from the bible. Brother Jim wore beat up clothes like he was homeless or very poor.

3. "Slim Trim" Mike Friend was a fat wrestler who carried a scale to the ring. Mike was much like "Playboy" Buddy Rose from the AWA!

4. Purple Moose was a gay type wrestler that walked like a girl and used a slap as his finishing move. This wrestler is based after people who go to the Purple Moose bar in Ocean City, Maryland!

5. Monkey was a wrestler that wore a yellow shirt, trunks, and boots. Monkey came to the ring like he was really ticked off! Monkey used the monkey flip as his finishing move. Monkey's character is based on a kid who gets picked on in school a lot!

6. My character carried a woman's head to the ring much like Al Snow! I came to the ring with the "Sexy Boy" theme.

What made these N-64 games so fun was you could replace The Rock, Steve Austin, The Undertaker and the other top WWE stars with your own wrestling stars. The intro to the game would feature your creations, which was very exciting!

I hope to hear about your wrestling federations that you came up with! Peace out and have a nice day :)


Chickie Singer
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yes i admit it was the wrecking crew but it was short lived

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oh, a friend and i actually built a ring in my backyard. we got padding for the outside. we designed the drapes hanging from the bottom of the ring with sheets and painted it so it said MDF(million dollar federation.) the ring was made from matresses i found on the streets.
I got an old videocamera, recruited other wrestlers, bought my own costume and we had a good fed going. the cops made me shut down the federation about 6 months later, being it was "dangerous," when i did my brainbuster. now all i have are memories. Whoa, this is going way out of hand. sorry you are reading this
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