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It will be Orton vs. The Miz vs. Jomo vs. Sheamus at the Rumble. Reports are saying that the WWE doesn't want to pull the plug on Orton vs. the Miz and Jomo vs. Sheamus. Also, The Miz vs. Morrison isn't a major draw (as of now).
No it won't...and your last point about Miz v Morrison not being a draw is why i'm confused as to why they gave Morrison a shot now.

Well considering Morrison won the no 1 contenders spot, it would be extremely unfair kayfabe wise for Sheamus to get put into the title match when he'd already lost the no 1 contenders match.

I doubt Orton will be there either if you consider his backstage segment with Morrison last week, Orton said that he will only be coming after the title again once Morrison had his shot.

To be honest, i don't really get what they see in Morrison for this push...he's shit on the mic and his gimmick is just LAME! lol
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