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In the past he was like an end game boss that was unbeatable, and if you beat him you had to hit him with like 5 finishers in a row or something. But at Crown Jewel Brock looking leaner and in better shape than ever lost to a shot with the belt to the head, and i think he took like 2 spears the entire match.

To me Brock's beastlike aura was killed in this match, he lost to Roman after not much effort at all. Which is a shame cause he returned looking like a Viking god.

And how they did the Heyman spot at the end was total bullshit, they built the entire feud around "What will Heyman do? whos side is he on" and in the end he slid the belt in between Roman and Brock not choosing either and both just grabbed it, then he just left with Roman. So after all that build he really didn't even choose, and the spot was confusing cause he was going "You know what to do with it!" and both guys was looking like "huh?".

Why slide it in between them? did he not want either guy to lose and gave them both an equal opportunity to use his interference? i dunno it was just dumb imo and a copout like they couldn't decide who to have Heyman choose and they just didn't have him do it..
Damn that's what happened? That sounds pretty rough.
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