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Your BoomSpeed.Com account has been disabled for TOS Violations and is
scheduled to be deleted within 30 days.

Here is why, and here is a very fair and simple way that you can
save your account and prevent it from being deleted.

Over the past year, BoomSpeed.Com has grown incredibly large and fast
with the help of our members, spreading the word about what an
excellent, fast and easy to use service we have. Thousands of people
love using BoomSpeed.

We have offered free accounts, and will continue to offer free accounts
as promised. However, as of late, we have had a large amount of free
users who have been using their accounts in violation of our
Terms Of Service ("TOS").
People who are using free accounts in violation of our TOS harm the speed
and quality of the service for everyone, so we must now enforce our rules.
Everyone who has created a free account here at BoomSpeed agreed to our
rules or Terms Of Service (TOS) when starting their account.

Our free account rules and Terms Of Service are available at :


Because of the amount of bandwidth (our speed) being used up
with free accounts being used in violation of the TOS, we are forced to
begin enforcing our TOS by disabling and deleting free accounts not
following the BoomSpeed rules and Terms Of Service. We are not
trying to be mean or cause any problems for any users, but we must
crack down on the abuse, and we must do it NOW, to keep the service
working good for everyone.

We here at BoomSpeed for quite some time now, have just looked the other
way when it comes to people using accounts in violation of our rules and
TOS (Terms Of Service). We can no longer do this.

You are receiving this email because your account has come up in
our audits as being used against the TOS (specifically, linking to files
in your account from non-ebay, non-auction related & non-BoomSpeed hosted
personal websites.) Because of this, your account is scheduled to be
disabled and deleted within 7 days.

Do not let this happen!

We are offering a great alternative to having your account deleted!

If you upgrade to our lowest priced membership account immediately
It will then only cost $6/month, billed around the 1st of each month,
starting January 1st 2003. You can NOT beat that price, anywhere!

We have been extremely fair in the past by not saying anything
to you about your account violations. We wanted you to see what a
great service we have, and we want you to join us with an upgrade.
With this upgrade, your account will be reactivated and you will have
full access to 100 TIMES the disk space of our free accounts. A
FULL 100 Megabytes of disk space for you to use for anything from
backing up your hard drive, to storing family photos & other images for
auctions, chatboards, whatever you like and have them instantly available
on the Internet for others to see. Just by upgrading now, you can just
keep using your BoomSpeed.Com account exactly like you are using it
right now!

To quickly upgrade your account, please visit:


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
This upgrade offer is only available by using a credit card directly with
monthly recurring billing.
Once again, the link to upgrade now and save your account via credit card is :


Don't let your account and files be deleted.

We here at BoomSpeed want you to stay with us. Your paid account will
help us grow your hosting service with even more new features. Please
consider keeping your account with us here at BoomSpeed.

We welcome you to sign up for our membership service with this extremely
low offer, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


William Devine, II
BoomSpeed Support
[email protected]

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I think W-E should get a hosting service for their members.

version 2.0
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If you upgrade to our lowest priced membership account immediately
It will then only cost $6/month, billed around the 1st of each month,
starting January 1st 2003. You can NOT beat that price, anywhere!

Umm... Yeah you can. Just get a domain for $17 a year, and publish your banners to it.
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