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Anybody else think CM Punk is pretty crap on the mic?

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I mean, following Jericho's fantastic heel run, it's become a bit of an IWC cliché to label all articulate, methodical heel talkers as 'great mic workers'. My problem with Punk is that, unlike Jericho, his act is unconvincing and he can't seem to suppress his natural cocky, 'I'm better than you' attitude, and it leads to a mixed reaction in a lot of arenas. A good heel should be able to have (at the very least) a consistent ratio of 80%+ fans booing them out of the building. For example, I consider the Miz a far better mic worker than CM Punk as he actually does his job properly.
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He sometimes has a habit of being repetitive.

I get it already, he better than all of us. But to say he's crap on the mic is ridiculous. His mic work is one of the best in this era.
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