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Ok, so I know we have a lot of recreate Wrestlemania topics. But the ones that I saw were all made up matches. How bout recreating Wrestlemania with past WM matches. Maximum 10 matches. I haven't seen all the WMs,only from 12 and up, but I will make use of what I've seen.

Opener: Triple Threat for European and IC Chamionship - Kurt Angle vs Jericho vs Benoit
2nd: Hardcore title - Kane vs Raven vs Big Show (Enjoyed this one)
3rd: Eddie Guererro vs Rey Mysterio (WM21)
4th: Mickie James vs Trish Stratus (WM22)
5th: Hardcore match - Edge vs Mick Foley (I know, 2 hardcore matches at WM is very unlikely)
6th: Triple H vs Goldust (WM13, not triple h best match, but I enjoyed it)
7th: Triangle ladder match Hardys vs Dudleys vs EC(WM2000, I personally liked this more than TLC2)
8th: Autin vs Rock (WM19)
9th: WWE Championship John Cena vs Batista (WM26)
10th: Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels (WM25)

Wow, it's difficult to make up a wm without using someone twice. Well there is my list.
Comment please.:rolleyes:
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