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What is a good animation program to get? I had Jasc Animation Shop 3 and it ain't all that. I don't want to make animated movies, just gifs.

Thankyou in advance :)
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My brother gave me a heap of graphics programs.

Extension Manager.

I have no idea what they are but that's what he gave me. If you want any Cowie I can burn them and send them to you. c/o Hubbie's work if you like.

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ColdFusion is a server side include I think.
Dreamweaver is for making websites. (what i use)
Fireworks is like a less-advanced version of Photoshop, which is mostly good for rollovers and crap.
And Extension Manager is the free Macromedia download for your downloads. It installs crap easy for you.

In response to Cowie, Imageready is what I use. It comes with Photoshop 5,6, and 7.

You can also try Adobe LiveMotion. It's a simpler version of Flash...
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