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Kurt Angle- http://www.ndown.com/images/pg1/kurtangle.jpg (Centre)
Chris Benoit- http://www.jsports.co.jp/tv/wwe/img/draft2005/sd_1_benoit.jpg (Left)
Eddie Guerrero- http://www.hoffco-inc.com/wwe/thist/wwe/wrld-guerrero01st-1.jpg (Right)

NOTE- By all means USE PSD’s or any other Pics you find better, these aren’t really their best Pics, but they’re the best I could find using Google.

Size: 400 X 200

Whatever, just mix it up, just not Orange, Green or Yellow really…

Text: F94

Avatar: Just to match, an Angle pic with F94 written on it.


Thanks to any attempts, I'll give credit and add Rep as often as possible.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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