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Angela Fong vs. Angel Williams match photos

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So, these are pictures from a video custom I had done in November last year with slamminladies.com, featuring Angela Fong and Angelina Love/Angel Williams. The match turned out really good for my first time writing a match that would actually be used. Angel was throwing out some corny one-liners about how the match should be called "The Great White North Match", due to them both being from Canada, to her boasting about how strong she was. Either way, I was laughing at them, and I she was just throwing them out there.

Anyways, onto the pictures:

I'll post the match in the downloads section here in a few minutes. :)
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angela fong is hot! angelina is terrifying she looks like a starving coke head pornstar :mad:

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I liked Angela Fong. Wish WWE would have let her make it to the main roster.
Well, thankfully she's still wrestling through this company, and it's cool to be able to write matches that she ends up working. The only downside is the cost, but even that isn't bad (A 15 minute match costs around $300, 5-7 minutes $175). I'm getting another with Angela in it later this month if I've got the money.
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