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I know I'm not alone here, but I really felt Anderson's return should have been built up a lot more. I don't consider myself anything close to a creative person but in about 5 minutes I thought up a better way to bring back Anderson and build up his return.

This got me thinking, is this the big problem in TNA? There is no real build up for the right stars and matches. Anderson is easily my favorite wrestler in TNA and I'm happy he's back. However, they could have built up his return over the past few weeks, getting the crowd excited, and the viewers. Little hints like dropping the mike when Fortune is beating on someone, or hitting his music and not having him show up but scaring Fortune out of their beatdown would have built up quite a bit of tension. Then finally when Anderson is healthy enough to return you do it again, drop the mike, hit his music, but Fortune doesn't believe it this time when Anderson comes in from behind and takes all but a few of Fortune down (with a weapon of sorts - maybe a chair for good measure) and then hits a sick Anderson promo.

Building up stars, returns, debuts, and big matches is just PATHETIC in TNA. I'm thinking a big reason for it is it seems a lot of the talent isn't very reliable so it may be hard to do long term planning in some cases. However, for Anderson in this case if he wasn't healthy enough, say, for 12/2's impact you continue the mike drops and his music until the next PPV, it would simply build up his return even more. It does seem like they are doing this with Angle, so I'm hoping for a strong build on his true return to TNA. Only time will tell.

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