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It can be hard growing up in so many different ways. You feel different pressures as you try to find yourself as a person and what you want to do with your life.

As if that isn't enough, there is an epidemic that people of all ages have to deal with in some fashion: bullying. Recently, this issue has come more to light with it being linked to a number of teen suicides.

Now, TNA Wrestling wants to do something about it. This week, the wrestling company launched the "Eliminate the Hate" campaign to help end bullying of any kind. The campaign includes PSAs on all of its television programming, including "Impact!" and "Reaction" shows on Thursday nights on Spike TV, as well as information on other platforms including their website (TNAWrestling.com), Facebook and Twitter.

"I think bullying has probably affected every person at some point in their lives whether it was for a week or two weeks or two months or two years, or for some people they are affected by it their whole entire lives," says TNA star Mr. (Ken) Anderson. "I think it's time to be aware of this fact and try to do something about it and give people a voice, give people a place to turn to and a place they can relate to."

Anderson admits that he is not different from so many others and he was bullied as a teenager while growing up in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. "I experienced it to the point where I enrolled in martial arts classes because I thought I was going to have to fight for my life. Once that happened, the bullying stopped. That's kind of where we're coming from and we're really trying to get the message out there and show that we care."

Right now, Anderson is sidelined because of a concussion he suffered several weeks back when he was accidentally hit in the back of the head with a chair. He says he is feeling better and the cobwebs are starting to shake loose. He plans on getting back in the ring in about a week but won't be able to wrestle at Sunday's "Turning Point" pay-per-view where he was originally scheduled to face Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Instead, it will be Matt Morgan taking his spot in the match.

Anderson believes that he has probably had three major concussions during his wrestling career including the one he is currently recovering from. But he also admits that he has other mild concussions including one earlier this year and even continued working with it. He tried to do the same with this one but that was a mistake.

"I took a week off and I got back in the wrestling ring and I was having a match with AJ Styles and I forgot everything that we had talked about in the locker room. It was one of the scariest things. I literally couldn't remember anything and I couldn't think. I'm usually pretty good on my feet and I couldn't think of anything to do. It was kind of a scary situation and I went back to the locker room and I told (agent) D'Lo (Brown) about it and he said 'you're going home tomorrow.' "

In the past, wrestlers would be expected to act like unbeatable tough guys and work through an injury like this. Suck it up and continue on with the show. But that was then. Anderson says that no one in TNA made him feel weak for taking time off for a head injury. In fact, TNA has taken the measure to ban chair shots to the head, realizing the dangers involved in that.

"Times are changing in the wrestling business and people are realizing that you can't wrestle 300 days a year and be healthy and you can't get regular concussions or take chair shots to the head and things like that and be OK long term."

When it comes to the long term, Anderson is starting to make plans for his post-wrestling career. He recently came to the conclusion that -- surprise -- he's not invincible after all. He is hoping to do more acting and has even hired an agent for when that day comes to put getting in the ring behind him.

"I'm trying to make sure I have a net underneath me because I know that I can't do this forever. I don't want to do this forever. I've loved the wrestling business, I still love the wrestling business. I will always love the wrestling business. But there comes a point when I think it's time to pack things in and start looking at other options."


I don't remember him having a match in october??

I enjoyed reading that, at least tna have banned chair shots so it will help stop wrestlers getting concussions.
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