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Anddddddd It's Gone

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(Someone please post the South Park meme).

So much for the WWE getting their heads out of their asses. Back to shit shows.

This is WWEFuckery at its finest, once fan apathy and frustration is about to hit a boiling point they give us an above average Raw and go back to their usual shitfest for the next 6 weeks.

Reigns is back to being the opposite of a badass.

No other stars on the show.

Everyone else just wrestles.


^WM season is looking to be really scary .

Its going to be hilarious on this forum though.

I guess its back to fastforwarding shows.

But hey, it was a slammy show so I might be overreacting, right?


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Bullet Points:

-Stephanie threatening Roman with New Day and Sheamus....talk about LOL moment. Not only did he ignore her, but that was the weakest threat of all time.

-I was wrong, Roman can display multiple emotions, but for some reason, uses the wrong one for wrong situations.
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Wow RAW just ended here in the Mountain, I was reading near end of the show...but seriously.

Sheamus literally getting "this is boring chants" and acknowledges it, per usual commentators ignore it, even though someone with some nuts should fucking say "hey are show sucks ass, and lucha undgerground is starting soon".

But yeah Steph beating Tom at end of show....Stephanie can slap every mutha fucking person in that building, it ain't gonna change shit. She is gonna come on next Monday, and say the same old shit "This is my ring, and I own you"...but people don't take her seriously, but I thought about it, and she is fucking serious as hell.

I feel Stephanie might be the one who is actually ruining WWE. Think about it, everyone says Vince is this dude who doesn't know shit, and is out of touch making bad decisions. But what if it is Stephanie playing dictator.

Steph is "owners little girl" and fucking the COO....She influences every last thing that happens, if you think about it this is literally "The Stephanie McMahon Show", and her ego is legit bigger than her birches...Her daddy needs to take her home, cause I think she might be the one deciding all these stupid things like Charlotte over Sasha, and lamer stuff like taking belt from Ambrose.
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1 - 2 of 77 Posts
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