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Anddddddd It's Gone

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(Someone please post the South Park meme).

So much for the WWE getting their heads out of their asses. Back to shit shows.

This is WWEFuckery at its finest, once fan apathy and frustration is about to hit a boiling point they give us an above average Raw and go back to their usual shitfest for the next 6 weeks.

Reigns is back to being the opposite of a badass.

No other stars on the show.

Everyone else just wrestles.


^WM season is looking to be really scary .

Its going to be hilarious on this forum though.

I guess its back to fastforwarding shows.

But hey, it was a slammy show so I might be overreacting, right?


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Oh gawd I just remembered that next week's episode is going to be one of those taped Christmas specials.. I fully expect ratings to be even worse than they were before the ratings boost last week.
Well you can't expect them to be doing what they did last weekly on a weekly basis... RAW is a show that runs EVERY week year after year, there's gonna be filler episodes like every "series"

Stop expecting so much every week, then making threads qq'ing about it
Every week is filler tho. :drake1
1 - 3 of 77 Posts
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