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Analysis of the Punk/Sheamus situation

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Hello, this is my first post here, and I made it to see if anyone thought the way I did.
This post may get pretty lengthy, so bite the pillow.

Now, last night on Raw, at the top of the night, who else's music should play but the home town hero.
Oh, wait, it was Sheamus?
Yeah, so he comes out, says he'll beat up ADR, welcome to the last few months of our lives.
But then Punk's music hits.
Thunderous applause, not sure whether it was because he was in his hometown or because he stopped Sheamus from speaking, but he got the crowd on their feet either way.
Punk then goes on to cut a promo, labeling Sheamus as the 'second best in the world', Sheamus also tries to go toe to toe on the mic against Punk, which was just adorable.
AJ comes out, and she says she's scheduling two matches.
Before she even opened her mouth we knew it would be ADR vs JC and Punk vs Sheamus.
Here's where I get analysisy.
Punk walks out, facing Sheamus in the ring, claiming he'll take a 'personal day'.
Sheamus then goes on to face Jack Swagger, Swagger lasted more than two seconds against the pale skinned, shovel wielding, red haired burying machine, which was lovely.
Back to Punk.
Great move by the WWE to make him walk out of a match against a top face, the WHC no less on his hometown.
I can't emphasize the hometown part enough, if Chicago hate him, how do WE feel?
But, here's where I think it could split off into two different ways.
One way, nothing more could be said. 'Punk walked out, it is what it is'.
The other way, the WWE could prove themselves to be very, very smart.
Now I know, there's always been this kind of code at the top level of the WWE.
Don't have two top tier competitors who aren't feuding with one another fight.
Punk and Sheamus are both world champions, so having them fight will mean one of them loses, that gives a definitive person the champion is NOT as good as.
That's bad...Right?
Punk claims to be the best in the world.
Let that claim be tested.
There's always been a kind of hierarchy at the WWE.
The likes of Punk, Orton, Sheamus and Cena occupy the top rung.
Then a little bit further down are the likes of ADR, RM, Ziggler on a good day.
Having Punk walk out on his home town is great, the heat has been generated, and with the Heyman move he's a certified heel now.
So prove that he's a threat, have AJ use her GM powers to MAKE him fight Sheamus and WIN.
Prove that he's a legitimate contender for not just any championship but for being the best in the world.
Last week he fought Lawler and RAN AWAY when Cena entered the ring.
That's not very becoming of the best.
His actions as of turning Heel have been rather cowardly, prove that through this veil, he's still the same old wrestler, still the best.
Right now, walking away from Sheamus, running from Cena, I can see how it's going to go at NoC, and he's NOT walking away with the belt.
Have him beat Sheamus?
That throws it up in the air.
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Thanks for summing up the first 30 mins of Raw.
Actually, it wasn't as much a summary of the first 30 minutes, least of which because the course of events, not including the match, took place after the first five minutes and went on until about the 20-25 minute mark.
It was more of an analysis of the possible courses of actions they could take, why they would take them and how that would impact Punk.
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